HAMPTON: A CENTURY OF TOWN AND BEACH, 1888-1988 -- Table of Contents

by Peter Evans Randall

  1. The Hotel Era
    Chapter 1 photographs
    Hampton Beach, 1800-1897
  2. The Trolley Era
    Chapter 2 photographs
    The Exeter, Hampton, & Amesbury Street Railway; Streetcars, Casino, Bridge, and Municipal Folly, 1897-1926
    The State Finally Acquires the Mile Bridge
    Building Hotels and Cottages and Hosting Conventions
    The Hampton Beach Improvement Company
    The Hampton Beach Village District
  3. The Auto Era
    Chapter 3 photographs
    Breakwaters, White Rocks Island, and Hampton Beach State Park, 1927-1949
    Social Events, Swimsuits, and Rudy Vallee
  4. 1950-Present
    Chapter 4 photographs
    Seawalls, Highways, Condos, Liquor, and Leased Land
    Social Life: The Beach in Transition
    The Beach and Village Go "Wet"
  5. The Tidal Marshes
    Chapter 5 photographs
    The Tidal Marshes: Hay, Mosquitoes, Development, and Conservation
  6. Shipwrecks and Life-Saving
    Chapter 6 photographs
    Ship Wrecks and Life-Saving
  7. Boar's Head
    Chapter 7 photographs
    Boar's head: Glaciers, Vikings, and Erosion
  8. The Public Beach Lands
    Chapter 8 photographs
    Protecting and Selling a Town Treasure
    The Fish House Case
    The Bound Rock Case
  9. Utilities for Town and Beach
    Chapter 9 photographs
  10. Maintaining Law and Order
    Chapter 10 photographs
    The Police Department
    The Local Courts
  11. Fighting Fires
    Chapter 11 photographs
    Fighting Fires
  12. Municipal Affairs
    Chapter 12 photographs
    1886 - 1899
    1900 - 1909
    1910 - 1919
    1920 - 1929
    1930 - 1939
    1940 - 1949
    1950 - 1959
    1960 - 1969
    1970 - 1979
    1980 - 1988
  13. Rural Village to Suburb
    Chapter 13 photographs
    Community Development
    Comparison of Property Valuation, Budgets, Population, and Tax Rates for Selected Years
  14. Public Works
    Chapter 14 photographs
    Highways, Sewers and Rubbish Collection
    Interstate 95
    Rubbish Collection and the Town Dump
  15. Earning a Living: Working the Land and the Sea
    Chapter 15 photographs
    Ice Harvesting
    Gathering Seaweed
    Party Boats
    Business and Industry
    Other Early Industries
    Small Businesses, Shops and Stores
    Post Office
  16. Caring for the Sick and Injured
    Chapter 16 photographs
  17. Serving Their Country at Home and in Battle: Hampton Men and Women Endure Four tragic Wars
    Chapter 17 photographs
    World War I
    World War II
    Korean War and Vietnam
    Marine Memorial
  18. Miscellany
    Chapter 18 photographs
    Artists, Authors, and Actors
    Community Celebrations
    Dutch Elm Disease
    Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant
    The Hampton Nuns Case
    Stormy Weather
  19. The Lane Memorial Library by William H. Teschek (Updated for the Internet)
  20. Sports
    Chapter 20 photographs
  21. Public Education by Richard N. Livingstone
    Chapter 21 photographs
    Building for Education
    The Education
    The People
    Mirror of Society
    Hampton Academy and Winnacunnet High School
    Alumni Association by Arthur J. MoodyRequest a Non-fiction title
  22. Churches
    Chapter 22 photographs
    The First Baptist Church
    First Congregational Church of Hampton
    Hampton United Methodist Church
    Faith Community Advent Christian Church
    Hampton Beach Community Church
    Maranatha Assembly of God / New Covenant Congregational Church, United Church of Christ
    Trinity Episcopal Church
    Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
  23. Civic, Fraternal, and Community Organizations
    Chapter 23 photographs
    The Lane Fund
    Friends of the Lane Memorial Library / The Hamptons Post 35, American Legion
    Oceanside Grange, No. 260 / Rockingham Lodge, No. 22, I.O.O.F.
    Winnacummet Rebekah Lodge, No. 26, I.O.O.F. / Hampton Jaycees
    Hampton Lions / Other Service Organizations
    Saint James Lodge, F&AM / Boy Scouts of America / Girl Scouts
    The Meeting House Green Memorial and Historical Association
    Hampton Historians, Inc.
    Hampton Garden Club
    Hampton Homemakers' Activities in the Rockingham County Cooperative Extension Service Program
    Salty Marsh Garden Club / Hampton Monday Club
    Hampton Mothers' Cicle / Seacoast Youth Center
  24. Town Officers, 1885-1988, compiled by Margaret Montgomery
  25. Veterans of Foreign Wars, compiled by Roland W. Paige
  26. About the Author