In Memoriam: Edward W. Tobey

Memorial Street Signs


In observance of every Memorial Day, Hampton Veterans of Foreign Wars gave the supreme sacrifice in defense of their country, in WORLD WAR II, KOREA and VIETNAM and streets, bridges, parks & playgrounds in Hampton, were named in their honor.

Edward W. Tobey
Edward W. Tobey -- TOBEY STREET

Tobey Street
Edward W. Tobey -- World War II
[Photo courtesy John Hirtle, Atlantic News]

[The following excerpt is from the Memorial Day Ceremony given at the
Hampton Academy Jr. High School on May 29, 1998,
produced and directed by Sheila Nudd, Music Director.]

5. EDWARD W. TOBEY, offered by Stephanie Judd:

Edward William Tobey was born on February 13, 1920 in Dover, New Hampshire. He was raised up in a house on the corner of Academy Ave. and High Street right across from the school. He was an excellent athlete. He played many sports such as baseball, basketball and hockey. He also played piccolo in the school band. He was involved on many school activities including the glee club, the senior play, and he was a sports writer for the school newspaper. He graduated from Hampton Academy in 1938. Then he went to the University of New Hampshire.

Edward then registered for the United States Army Band. He was chosen for the 1940 Army draft. He trained in North Carolina. Edward was then commissioned in Mexico as a Lieutenant. He learned how to fly and become a tail-gunner on a B-29 with a thirteen man crew. Edward flew on one of the first B-29's with secret radar on it. His crew was sent to the tiny island of Tinian, in the South Pacific. Their mission was to carry bombs that were going to bomb Japan. On their 7th mission, the plane's engine failed. The plane crashed and exploded. Every crew member except one, died. Edward Tobey was killed. The same Edward Tobey who once walked the halls of Hampton Academy. He was killed in action on May 20th, 1945. Although he lies buried in the South Pacific, there is a stone here to honor his memory.

If you are able to save a place for him inside you, when you are going to places he can no longer go, take what Edward Tobey and others like him have taught you with their dying .... and keep it with you always. And someday, in a time when people decide and feel safe to call war insane .... take one moment and think of those heroes that were left behind. A moment on Memorial Day -- their day. Remember Edward for his bravery, courage, and the heroic things he did for our country.

[TOBEY STREET is named in his honor.]

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