In Memoriam: John A. Cuss

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In observance of every Memorial Day, Hampton Veterans of Foreign Wars gave the supreme sacrifice in defense of their country, in WORLD WAR II, KOREA and VIETNAM and streets, bridges, parks & playgrounds in Hampton, were named in their honor.

John A. Cuss
John A. Cuss -- CUSS LANE

Cuss Lane
In Memory of John A. Cuss -- World War II
[Photo courtesy John Hirtle, Atlantic News]

[The following excerpt is from the Memorial Day Ceremony given at the
Hampton Academy Jr. High School on May 29, 1998,
produced and directed by Sheila Nudd, Music Director.]

8. JOHN A. CUSS, offered by Amanda MacNamara:

John A. Cuss was born January 26, 1922. He lived on a farm in Alton, New Hampshire. In high school, he was active in sports and 4-H. In 1937, he was the 4-H champion for poultry. He was the class marshall. In 1938, there was a big hurricane and his family did not know where he was. It turned out he was directing traffic. He was also a daring person. Once his friends dared him to swim across Alton Bay which is about five miles. And he did it. John Cuss graduated high school in 1940, then his family moved to Hampton.

When he moved to Hampton, he joined the United States Air Force. John was stationed at Clark Field in the Philippines and was a member of the ground crew. He was captured and taken to the Bataan Death March, where he died May 8, 1942. But his family did not know until 1944. Of the 70,000 men who were able to begin the death march, 7000 died. John Cuss received the Purple Heart for military merit and for wounds received in action. John Cuss also received many other awards including a citation of honor, a recognition by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and an American Legion Gold Star, which states, "This death occurred in order that others might live."

[CUSS LANE is named in his honor.]

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