Joseph Dow's History of Hampton: A Tabular Record of Town Officers

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Moderators Under the Ancient Order, As Noted On pp. 15, 16

28: 5 mo. 1641, John Crosse. 18: 6 mo. 1641, Christopher Hussey.
8: 4 mo. 1657, Thomas Wiggin. 4: 7 mo. 1662, Seaborn Cotton.
1663, 1664, Christopher Hussey. 1667, 1668, Robert Page.
Feb. 8, 1672, Christopher Hussey.
1689, four meetings, Thomas Philbrick, Sr., Samuel Sherburne, Francis Page, Edward Gove.
1691, three meetings, Henry Green, Thomas Philbrick, Nathaniel Weare.
1692, four meetings, Nathaniel Weare (one). Thomas Philbrick.
1693, three meetings, Thomas Philbrick (one), Henry Green.
1694, three meetings, Thomas Philbrick (one), Henry Green.
1695, two meetings, Joseph Smith, Francis Page.
Dec. 6,1697, Henry Green.
1700, two meetings, Nathaniel Weare.
1701, three meetings, Nathaniel Weare (two), Francis Page, Sr.
1703, 1705, Francis Page.
December, 1707 to July, 1709, Joseph Smith, sixteen meetings.
Aug. 14, 1709, Gershom Elkins.
1711, four meetings, Joseph Smith (three), Nathaniel Weare.
1712, 1713, Joseph Smith.

Of Annual Town Meetings, After the Change Noted on p. 176.

1714, 1717, Joseph Smith
1718, 1719, Joshua Wingate
1720-1724, Jabez Dow
1725, Joshua Wingate
1726, Jabez Dow
1727, Joshua Wingate
1728, 1729, Jabez Dow
1730,1731, Joshua Wingate
1732-1734, Jabez Dow
1735, 1736, Samuel Palmer
1737, Jabez Dow
1738-1740, Samuel Palmer
1741, Joshua Wingate
1742, Josiah Moulton
1743, Nathaniel Sargent
1744, John Sanborn
1745, Nathaniel Sargent
1746, Ephraim Marston
1747, Joseph Philbrick
1748, Samuel Palmer
1749, 1750, Joseph Philbrick
1751, Benjamin Dow
1752, Joseph Philbrick
1753, Samuel Palmer
1754, John Weeks
1755, Samuel Palmer
1756, John Weeks
1757-1760, Joseph Philbrick
1761, 1762, Jonathan Moulton
1763-1765, Christopher Toppan
1766, Josiah Moulton
1767, Jonathan Moulton
1768-1770, Christopher Toppan
1771, Jeremiah Marston
1772, Jonathan Moulton
1773, Christopher Toppan
1774, Jonathan Moulton
1775, Christopher Toppan
1776, Jonathan Moulton
1777, 1778, Josiah Moulton
1779, Jonathan Moulton
1780-1782, Josiah Moulton
1783-1786, Christopher Toppan
1787, Jonathan Moulton
1788-1793, Christopher Toppan
1794-1803, Oliver Whipple
1804-1807, James Leavitt
1808-1810, Edmund Toppan
1811,   Mod. not recorded.]
1812-1818, Edmund Toppan
1819,   Not recorded.]
1820, Richard Greenleaf
1821-1823, Edmund Toppan
1824, Thomas Leavitt, Jr.
1825, John Dearborn, Jr.
1826, Edmund Toppan
1827, 1828, Col. John Dearborn, Jr.
1829, 1830, Thomas Leavitt, Jr.
1831, Richard Greenleaf
1832, David Marston
1833, Aaron Coffin
1834-1836, David Marston
1837, Edmund Toppan
1838, David Marston
1839, Edmund Toppan
1840, Simeon B. Shaw
1841-1843, Amos Towle, Jr.
1844-1848, David Marston
1849, John D. Neal
1850, Uri Lamprey
1851, Timothy O. Norris
1852, Ebenezer Lane
1853, Uri Lamprey
1854-1856, Morris Hobbs
1857-1860, Meshech S. Akerman
1861-1865, Thomas Leavitt, Jr.
1866, Meshech S. Akerman
1867,1868, Jacob T. Brown
1869, Morris Hobbs
1870, 1871, John W. Dearborn
1872, Jacob T. Brown
1873-1877, Sewell W. Dow

Of March and November Meetings, Under Biennial Elections,
As Noted On p. 335.

1878—1880, Sewell W. Dow. 1883—1890 (Mar.), William H. Blake.
1881, 1882 (Mar.), Morris Hobbs. 1890 (Nov.), George A. Johnson.
1882 (Nov.), Sewell W. Dow. 1891, 1892, William H. Blake.

In Presidential Elections, Previous to the Change To Biennial State Elections.

1792, Christopher Toppan.
1796, [Not recorded.]
1800, [Not recorded.]
1804, Jonathan Garland.
1808, 1812, Edmund Toppan.
1816, James Leavitt.
1820, 1824, Edmund Toppan.
1828, John Dearborn, Jr.
1832, Aaron Coffin.
1836, [ ? ]
1840, Amos Towle, Jr.
1844, David Marston.
1848, John D. Neal.
1852, Uri Lamprey.
1856, Morris Hobbs.
1860, Thomas Leavitt, Jr.
1864, Morris Hobbs.
1868, 1872, Jacob T. Brown.
1876, Sewell W. Dow.

Town Clerks

The first two clerks held the office till they left town. Dalton, Henry Dow and his son and grandson, the Deacons Samuel, died in office. The later Dows, Joseph, Josiah and Josiah Jr., were son, grandson and great-grandson of the second Deacon Samuel; so that the office of Town Clerk was held in direct descent in that family 134 years.
William Wakefield
Joseph Dow
William Howard
Philip Towle
Robert Tuck
Ephraim Fellows
Christopher Hussey
John Dearborn
Samuel Dalton
Josiah Dow
Henry Dow
Josiah Dow, Jr.
Dea. Samuel Dow
John J. Leavitt
John Tuck
John M. Palmer
Dea. Samuel Dow
John J. Leavitt
Samuel Dow
David O. Leavitt
Joshua Lane
John M. Akerman

Town Treasurers

The office of Treasurer was created in 1747. From 1755 to 1791 the town money was probably again in the hands of the selectmen. Article three, in the warrant for a town meeting, August 8, 1791, was: "To see if the town will be of the mind to choose a Town Treasurer, which is thought to be necessary, especially on account of the public securities belonging to said town." In 1841 it was voted that the office of the Town Treasurer be dispensed with; the present Treasurer to pay over to the Selectmen all notes or property now in his hands, for which is is accountable to the town. This arrangement continued till 1879.
Samuel Dow
Daniel Towle
Christopher Toppan
Samuel Batchelder
The Selectmen
Daniel Towle
Benjamin Shaw
Samuel Drake
David Garland
Daniel Towle
Josiah Dow
Jonathan Marston
Samuel Dow
George W. Lane
Samuel Batchelder
Joshua A. Lane


1. In the General Court of Massachusetts

Sept., 1639, John Moulton. 1658-60; 3 Ses., Christopher Hussey.
1640-1; 3 Ses., John Crosse. 1661, William Fuller.
1641-4; 6 Ses., William Howard. 1662, Samuel Dalton.
May, 1644, William Eastow. 1663-1; 2 Ses., William Gerrish.
May, 1645, William Howard. 1664-6; 3 Ses., Samuel Dalton.
1646-7; 2 Ses., William English. 1667, William Fuller.
1648-9; 2 Ses., William Eastow. 1668, Robert Page.
1650, Jeffery Mingay. 1669-71; 3 Ses., Samuel Dalton.
1651-3; 3 Ses., Roger Shaw. 1672, Christopher Hussey. [Dow says "Joseph" Hussey here, but is mistaken.]
1654, Anthony Stanyan. 1673-6; 4 Ses., Samuel Dalton.
1655-6; 2 Ses., Henry Dow. 1677, Thomas Marston.
1657, Robert Page. 1678-9; 2 Ses., Samuel Dalton.

2. After New Hampshire Was Separated From Massachusetts

1680; 4 Ses.,
Anthony Stanyan, Thomas Marston, Edward Gove.
1682; 2 Ses.,
        ?,         ?,         Edward Gove.
1684; dis.1st Ses.,
Anthony Stanyan, Joseph Smith, Jno. Smith (cooper).
May, 1684,
July, 1684
Sept., 1692,
Lieut. John Smith, Joseph Smith, John Hussey.
Feb., 1693,
Capt. Henry Dow, Ser. Tho. Philbrick, Ser. Joseph Swett.
Oct., 1693,
Daniel Tilton, John Redman, Joseph Moulton.
Oct., 1694; May, 1695.
Lieut. John Smith, Nathaniel Batchelder Sr., Thomas Robie.
Nov., 1695,
Daniel Tilton, Josiah Sanborn.
Sept. 16, 1696, at Newcastle.
By prorogat'n at Hampton,
Sept.22; dissolved, Sept. 24,
John Redman, John Tuck, Samuel Dow.
May, 1697,
Ephraim Marston, John Redman, 2nd, Benjamin Brown.
Dec., 1697,
Capt. Henry Dow, Lieut. John Smith, Benj. Fifield (dis.).
Jan., 1698,
Joseph Swett (in room of B. Fifield).
Mar., 1698,
Capt. Henry Dow, Lieut. John Smith, Lieut. Joseph Swett.
Aug., 1699--Held by
adj't, but organized anew
under administration
of Earl of Bellomont,
Capt. Henry Dow, Lieut. John Smith, Lieut. Joseph Swett.
Feb., 1703,
Thomas Robie, Gershom Elkins, Samuel Shaw.
Mar., 1708--in room of
G. Elkins, dismissed.
Maj. Joseph Smith.
June, 1709,
Maj. Joseph Smith, Ens. Daniel Tilton, Ephraim Marston.
April, 1715,
Maj. Joseph Smith, Peter Weare, Joshua Wingate.
Nov., 1715: Dow being
constable was disqualified,
& new election ordered.
Joseph Smith, Jabez Dow, Peter Weare.
Nov., 1715 -- in room of Dow,
Ephraim Marston.
Aug., 1716 & Jan., 1717,
Col. Joseph Smith, Maj. Peter Weare, Ephraim Marston.
May, 1717,
Col. Joseph Smith, Maj. Peter Weare, John Tucke.
July, 1722,
John Redman, John Sanborn.
Dec., 1727; Apr., 1728; Jan., 1731,
Capt. Josh. Wingate, John Sanborn.
Dec., 1733; Oct., 1734,
Sam. Palmer, Jr., "Sr." John Sanborn.
Apr., 1735; Apr., 1736,
John Sanborn, Samuel Palmer Jr., Capt. Ichabod Robie.
Mar., 1737,
Capt. John Smith, Nath'l Weare, Esq., Samuel Palmer.
Oct., 1739.
Samuel Palmer, Jr., Capt. John Smith, Capt. Ichabod Robie.
July, 1740; Feb., 1741,
John Sanborn, Sr., Samuel Palmer, Jr.
Jan., 1742.
Samuel Palmer, Jr., Joseph Towle.
Mar., 1742, in room of Palmer,
Thomas Elkins
Jan., 1745,
Samuel Palmer Esq., Dea. Jos. Philbrick.
June, 1745, In session 3 years,
John Sanborn, Samuel Palmer, Esq.
Jan., 1749; Sept., 1752,
Richard Waldron, of Portsmouth, Joseph Philbrick.
June, 1745, In session 3 years,
John Sanborn, Samuel Palmer, Esq.
Feb., 1753,
Jonathan Tucke (In place of R. Waldron, Esq.).
Oct., 1755,
William Moulton (cooper), Capt. Jonathan Moulton.
Nov., 1758,
Dea. Jona. Tucke, William Moulton.
Jan., 1762 - Apr., 1771, 4 Assemblies,
Jona. Moulton, Esq., Chris. Toppan, Esq.
May, 1771,
Chris. Toppan, Esq., Capt. Joseph Moulton.
Apr., 1774,
Chris. Toppan, Esq., Mr. Josiah Moulton.
Feb., 1775,
Capt. Joseph Moulton, Mr. Josiah Moulton.

3. Under Reduced Representation

(Dec.) 1775-80,
Capt. Josiah Moulton.
Dea. John Fogg.
Joseph Dow.
Col. Chris. Toppan.
Joseph Dow.
1788 (Mar.),
Col. Chris. Toppan.
1788 (July),
Joseph Dow.
1789-92 (Mar.),
Col. Chris. Toppan.
(Aug.) 1792-3,
Joseph Dow.
Capt. Jere. Marston.
Oliver Whipple, Esq.
Maj. Benjamin Shaw.
Jonathan Marston Jr.
John Dearborn.
Edmund Toppan.
Dr. Eben. Lawrence.
Edmund Toppan.
Tristram Shaw.
Edmund Toppan.
David Nudd.
Edmund Toppan.
Joshua Lane.
Amos Towle, Jr.
David Marston.
Josiah Dow, Jr.
David Marston
Amos Towle, Jr.
Jonathan Marston, Jr.
Simon Towle.
Jonathan Marston.
David Marston.
Ebenezer Lane.
Amos Towle, Jr.
Uri Lamprey.
Thomas Ward.
Josiah Page.
(No choice).
Edward Shaw.
Edmund Mason.
John Dearborn.
Adna Garland.
Adna B. Lane.
Thomas Leavitt, Jr.
John J. Leavitt.
Rev. DeWitt C. Durgin.
Alfred J. Leavitt.
David O. Leavitt.
Samuel D. Lane.
Joseph W. Mason.
John H. Fogg.

4. Under Biennial Elections

John C. Palmer.
Jacob T. Brown.
John C. Marston.
William G. Cole.
Horace M. Lane.
Charles Philbrick.
William H. Blake.


1644, William Fuller, Thomas Moulton, Robert Page, Philemon Dalton, Thomas Nudd, Walter Roger, William Howard.
1647, William Eastow, John Moulton, Edward Colcord, Jeffery Mingay, Robert Page, Francis Peabody, Robert Tuck.
1649, Roger Shaw, William Eastow, Robert Page, Robert Tuck, Thomas Marston, Anthony Stanyan, William Moulton.
1650, William Fuller, Abraham. Perkins, Christopher Hussey, Jeffery Mingay, John Sanborn, Thomas Ward, Richard Swaine.
1651, Edward Rishworth, Henry Dow, William Sanborn, William Swaine, John Brown.
1652, Robert Page, William Marston, Sr., William Fifield, Thomas Moulton, Robert Tuck, John Redman, Jeffery Mingay.
1653, William Eastow, William Fuller, Thomas Ward, William Moulton, John Cass, Henry Moulton, Samuel Dalton.
1654, Roger Shaw, Thomas Coleman, William Godfrey, Seth Fletcher, Robert Smith, William Swaine, Thomas Philbrick, Jr.
1655, Abraham Perkins, Godfrey Dearborn, Christopher Palmer, Samuel Fogg, Robert Page.
1656, Jeffery Mingay, Thomas Marston, John Redman, John Brown, Henry Robie.
1657, Robert Tuck, Thomas Ward, Thomas Leavitt, John Cass, William Fuller.
1658, Christopher Hussey, William Moulton, Samuel Dalton, Anthony Taylor, Abraham Drake.
1659, Robert Page, Abraham Perkins, Thomas Marston, William Fifield, Morris Hobbs.
1660, Robert Smith, Henry Robie, William Sanborn, John Clifford, Nathaniel Batchelder.
1661, John Sanborn, Thomas Ward, William Fuller, Henry Moulton, Henry Dow, Jr.
1662, Anthony Stanyan, Abraham Perkins, Sr., Henry Green, Samuel Dalton, Moses Cox.
1663, William Gerrish, Godfrey Dearborn, Samuel Fogg, Thomas Philbrick, Jr., Thomas Nudd.
1664, Christopher Hussey, William Fuller, Thomas Marston, Nathaniel Batchelder, Giles Fuller.
1665, Thomas Ward, John Sanborn, Samuel Dalton, Henry Robie, Henry Moulton.
1666, Abraham Perkins, Sr., Benjamin Swett, John Redman, Anthony Taylor, Henry Dow.
1667, Robert Page, Thomas Marston, William Sanborn, Nathaniel Weare, Thomas Leavitt.
1668, John Sanborn, Samuel Dalton, John Cass, William Marston, Jr., Thomas Nudd.
1669, Christopher Hussey, Anthony Stanyan, William Fuller, Thomas Ward, Joseph Dow.
1670, Abraham Perkins, Sr., Benjamin Swett, Thomas Marston, Anthony Taylor, Thomas Page.
1671, Robert Page, Godfrey Dearborn, William Sanborn, Nathaniel Weare, Thomas Ward.
1672, John Sanborn, Samuel Dalton, Thomas Ward, John Cass, Henry Moulton.
1673, Abraham Perkins, Sr., Thomas Marston, Nathaniel Batchelder, Nathaniel Weare, Henry Dow.
1674-5, Samuel Dalton, William Fuller, John Sanborn, John Cass (d. Apr. 7), Thomas Dearborn, John Smith (vice Cass).
1675-6, Benjamin Swett, Nathaniel Batchelder, Henry Moulton, Henry Dow, Henry Dearborn.
1676-7, Samuel Dalton, Anthony Stanyan, William Fuller, Sr., William Marston, John Moulton.
1677-8, William Sanborn, Christopher Palmer, Thomas Philbrick, Francis Page, Thomas Dearborn.
1678-9, Samuel Dalton, Henry Moulton, John Sanborn, Nathaniel Weare, John Smith (cooper).
1680, Henry Green, Thomas Marston, Abraham Cole, Joseph Dow, John Tuck.
1681, Henry Robie, Henry Dow, Christopher Palmer, John Sanborn, Jr., John Marston.
1682, William Marston, Anthony Taylor, Nathaniel Batchelder, Edward Gove, Joseph Moulton.
1683, Nathaniel Weare, Samuel Sherburne, Abraham Perkins, William Sanborn, John Tuck.
1684-'85-'86, no record.
1687, Henry Moulton, John Smith (cooper), Benjamin Fifield, John Tuck.
1688, Samuel Sherburne, Henry Moulton, John Tuck, Edward Gove, John Sanborn, Timothy Hilliard.
1689-'90-'91, no record.
1692, Nathaniel Batchelder, John Stanyan, Daniel Tilton, Henry Dearborn, John Smith (tailor), Christopher Palmer, John Sanborn.
1693, William Marston, Thomas Philbrick, John Marston, Joseph Swett, Thomas Dearborn, John Redman, Samuel Dow.
1694, John Moulton, Peter Weare, John Tuck, John Dearborn, Sr., Philemon Dalton, Abraham Green, Thomas Philbrick, Jr.
1695, Francis Page, Jacob Green, Richard Sanborn, Josiah Sanborn, Thomas Chase.
1696, Lieut. John Smith, Nathaniel Batchelder, Abraham Cole, Abraham Drake, Jr., Benjamin Brown.
1697, Christopher Palmer, John Marston, Isaac Green, Timothy Hilliard, Simon Dow.
1698, Henry Dow, John Tuck, Ephraim Marston, Joseph Swett, John Gove.
1699, Nathaniel Weare, Sr., Henry Dow, John Stanyan, John Redman, Jr., Josiah Moulton.
1700, John Tuck, Morris Hobbs, Jr., John Gove, Christopher Page, Nathaniel Weare -- Samuel Dow and Jonathan Philbrick added, May 7, 1701.
Nov. 10, 1701, Joseph Smith, Thomas Robie, Abraham Green, Nathaniel Weare, Jr., John Stanyan.
1702, Jacob Green, Abraham Cole, John Sanborn, Sr., Jonathan Moulton, James Philbrick.
1703, Nathaniel Batchelder, Simon Dow, John Redman, Sr., Abraham Drake, Jr., John Gove.
1704, Samuel Marston, Nathaniel Batchelder, Jr., Jonathan Philbrick, Samuel Dow, Seth Fogg.
1705, Jacob Green, Ephraim Marston, Benjamin Brown, Philemon Dalton, Robert Moulton.
1706, Simon Dow, Christopher Pottle, Caleb Shaw, Samuel Nudd, Jonathan Marston.
1707, Abraham Drake, Joseph Cass, Samuel Dow, Peter Johnson, John Moulton (son of Lieut. John).
1708, Joseph Chase, Joseph Smith, John Sanborn, Sr., John Gove, Samuel Page.
1709, John Gove, Joseph Smith, John Stanyan, John Redman, Sr., Joshua Wingate, Benjamin Hilliard, Jonathan Marston.
1710-11, John Tuck, Joseph Smith, Jabez Dow, Benjamin Brown, John Gove (in Mar., 1712).
Dec. 15, 1711, Josiah Moulton, Sr., William Sanborn, Jr., Jonathan Philbrick, Nathaniel Batchelder.
Dec. 29, 1712, Joseph Chase, James Philbrick, Joseph Smith, Samuel Shaw, Joseph Swett.
Mar. 1, 1714, Joseph Smith, Nathaniel Weare, Samuel Robie, Josiah Moulton, Sr., Benjamin Perkins.
Mar. 5, 1715, Christopher Page, John Tuck, John Sanborn (son of William), Benjamin Sanborn, Joseph Tilton.
1717, John Tuck, Jabez Dow, William Sanborn, Sr., Samuel Shaw, Joseph Swett.
1718, ----- --------, ------- Dearborn, ------ Moulton, Sr., James Prescott, Jr., Jonathan Philbrick.
1719, James Philbrick, Elisha Smith, Christopher Page, Samuel Shaw, Joseph Cass.
1720, Jonathan Marston, Samuel Dearborn, Sr., Francis Page, Jacob Freese, Samuel Palmer, Jr.
1721, Joseph Taylor, Josiah Moulton, Sr., Jabez Smith, Samuel Nudd, Simon Marston.
1722, Jabez Dow, Joshua Wingate, Robert Moulton, Sr., Jonathan Moulton John Sherburne.
1723, Capt. John Smith, Joseph Towle, Josiah Moulton, James Philbrick, Jabez Dow.
1724, Richard Taylor, Christopher Page, Caleb Towle, Jabez Dow, Jonathan Dearborn.
1725, Robert Moulton, Sr., Joshua Wingate, Simon Marston, Jabez Dow, Caleb Marston.
1726, Capt. John Smith, Abraham Drake, Samuel Palmer, Jr., Peter Johnson, Deacon John Dearborn.
1727, Morris Hobbs, Jr., Jonathan Garland, Christopher Page, Elisha Smith, Amos Knowles.
1728, Jabez Dow, Joseph Philbrick, Ebenezer Dearborn, Jeremiah Marston, William Staniford.
1729, Joshua Wingate, Joseph Towle, Sr., Josiah Moulton, Benjamin Thomas, Samuel Dow.
1730, Benjamin Lamprey, Caleb Towle, Simon Marston, Josiah Moulton, Abraham Drake.
1731, Jabez Dow, Samuel Palmer, Jr., Jonathan Marston, Philip Smith, Benjamin Hobbs, Nathaniel Drake.
1732, Samuel Palmer, Jr., Jonathan Marston, Morris Hobbs, Moses Perkins, Benjamin Dow.
1733, Joseph Towle, Daniel Sanborn, Seth Fogg, Jonathan Godfrey, Jabez Dow.
1734, Samuel Palmer, Jr., Jonathan Garland, Christopher Page, Richard Taylor, Jonathan Tuck.
1735, Thomas Dearborn, Philip Smith, Jr., John Sanborn, Samuel Palmer, Jr., Samuel Dow.
1736, Capt. John Smith, Joseph Taylor, Jabez Smith, Joseph Philbrick, Samuel Palmer.
1737, Josiah Moulton, Abraham Drake, Henry Dearborn, Jeremiah Marston, Joseph Chapman.
1738, Jonathan Dearborn, Caleb Marston, Sr., Samuel Palmer, Jr., Ephraim Marston, John Hobbs.
1739, Thomas Robie, Jonathan Garland, Josiah Moulton, John Dearborn, Jr., Jonathan Tuck.
1740, Joshua Wingate, Jabez Smith, Jonathan Marston, Samuel Palmer, Jr., Nathaniel Drake.
1741, Christopher Page, Thomas Elkins, Benjamin Smith, Joseph Philbrick, Caleb Towle, Sr.
1742, Jonathan Tuck, Richard Taylor, John Dearborn, Ephraim Marston.
1743, Nathaniel Sargent, Philip Smith, Abraham Drake, Philip Towle, Benjamin Dow.
1744, Nathaniel Sargent, Samuel Palmer, Jr., Jonathan Marston, John Sanborn, Sr., Robert Moulton.
1745, Jabez Smith, Ephraim Marston, John Dearborn, Jr., Jonathan Tuck, Samuel Dow.
1746, Jonathan Dearborn, Ephraim Marston, Benjamin Dow, Thomas Nudd, Amos Towle.
1747, Clement Jackson, Moses Perkins, Joseph Towle, William Moulton, John Dearborn.
1748, Samuel Palmer, John Dearborn, Jonathan Tuck, Noah Ward, Caleb Towle.
1749, Josiah Moulton, Robert Moulton, Jonathan Elkins, Jeremiah Marston, Jonathan Moulton.
1750, Gershom Griffith, Henry Dearborn, Jonathan Garland, Nathaniel Drake, Amos Towle.
1751, Joseph Philbrick, Moses Perkins, John Smith, Thomas Nudd, John Taylor.
Change of style in 1752.
1752, Joshua Weeks, Joshua Lane, Robert Moulton, James Towle, John Lamprey.
1753, Samuel Palmer, Ephraim Marston, John Dearborn, Thomas Nudd, Jeremiah Marston.
1754, Anthony Emery, John Weeks, Joshua Lane, Amos Towle, Samuel Drake.
1755, Benjamin Dow, Samuel Palmer, Moses Perkins, Samuel Dow, Jr., Noah Ward.
1756, Samuel Palmer, Joseph Philbrick, Jonathan Leavitt, Jeremiah Marston, James Leavitt, Jr.
1757, Samuel Palmer, John Sanborn, Nathaniel Drake, Anthony Emery, John Moulton, Jr.
1758, John Weeks, John Nay, Samuel Dow, Jeremiah Marston, Josiah Shaw.
1759, Joseph Philbrick, Thomas Nudd, Jonathan Moulton, Christopher Toppan, John Taylor.
1760, Robert Moulton, Joseph Philbrick, Jonathan Brown, Josiah Moulton, Jr., Joseph Dow.
1761, Thomas Nudd, Jonathan Leavitt, John Lamprey, Samuel Drake, Joseph Dow.
1762, Thomas Nudd, Jona;than Leavitt, John Lamprey, Samuel Drake, Joseph Dow.
1763, Jonathan Tuck, Jeremiah Sanborn, Amos Coffin, Josiah Moulton, Jr., Cotton Ward.
1764, Jonathan Tuck, Jeremiah Marston, Josiah Moulton, Jr., Christopher Toppan, Joseph Dow.
1765, Cotton Ward, Josiah Moulton, Joseph Dow, Jonathan Tuck.
1766, Jonathan Moulton, Joseph Dow, Samuel Garland, Josiah Moulton, Jonathan Tuck.
1767, Thomas Ward, Josiah Moulton, Jeremiah Marston, Cotton Ward, Joseph Dow.
1768, Thomas Nudd, Jonathan Moulton, Jeremiah Marston, Joseph Dow, Cotton Ward.
1769-70, Josiah Moulton,. Christopher Toppan, Joseph Dow, Simon Nudd, Philip Towle.
1771, Jeremiah Marston, Josiah Moulton, Joseph Dow, Samuel Drake, Philip Towle.
1772, Josiah Moulton, Cotton Ward, Henry Elkins, Philip Towle, Joseph Dow.
1773-5, William Lane, Joseph Dow, Philip Towle, Simon Nudd, Joshua James.
1776, Joseph Dow, William Lane, Cotton Ward, Josiah Dearborn, Jonathan Garland.
1777, William Lane, Joshua James, Philip Towle, John Fogg, Joseph Dow.
1778, Daniel Philbrick, Amos Knowles, Philip Towle, Joseph Dow, Simon Nudd.
1779, Joseph Dow, Cotton Ward, Amos Knowles, Simon Nudd, Philip Towle.
1780-1, Joseph Dow, Simon Nudd, Philip Towle, Philip S. Marston, Josiah Dearborn.
1782, Joseph Dow, Simon Nudd, Philip Towle, Jonathan Garland, Elisha S. Marston.
1783, Joseph Dow, Philip Towle, Elisha S. Marston, Moses Elkins, Sr., John Moulton, Jr.
1784, Joseph Dow, Philip Towle, Cotton Ward, Jonathan Garland, Elisha S. Marston.
1785-6, Joseph Dow, Daniel Philbrick, Cotton Ward, Philip Towle, Simon Nudd.
1787, Joseph Dow, Josiah Dearborn, Philip Towle, Simon Nudd, John Dow.
1788, Joseph Dow, Philip Towle, Josiah Dearborn, John Dow, Jeremiah Moulton.
1789, Joseph Dow, Philip Towle, Cotton Ward, Samuel Drake, Jeremiah Moulton.
1790, Joseph Dow, Philip Towle, Josiah Dearborn, Jonathan Garland, Benjamin Shaw.
1791, Joseph Dow, Philip Towle, Jeremiah Moulton, Jonathan Garland, Philip S. Marston.
1792, Philip Towle, Cotton Ward, Benjamin Shaw, Elisha S. Marston, Jeremiah Moulton.
1793, Joseph Dow, Josiah Dearborn, Samuel Drake, Jeremiah Moulton, Joseph Towle, Jr.
1794, Philip Towle, Jonathan Garland, Jeremiah Moulton, Benjamin Shaw, Joseph Towle, Jr.
1795, Jonathan Locke, Samuel Drake, Philip Towle, Capt. Jonathan Marston, Jonathan Marston, 3d.
1796, Philip Towle, Jonathan Marston, Jr., Joseph Towle, Jr., Jonathan Marston, 3d, Levi Batchelder.
1797, Cotton Ward, Simon Nudd, Philip Towle, Jonathan Marston, Jr., Stephen Coffin.
1798, Joseph Towle, Jr., Capt. Jonathan Marston, Abner Page, James Leavitt, Jonathan Marston, 3d.
1799-1800, James Leavitt, John Dearborn, John M. Moulton, Josiah Shaw, Samuel Brown, Jr.
1801, James Leavitt, Samuel Brown, Jr., Zacchary Brown, Nathaniel Batchelder, Jr., Joseph Palmer.
1802, James Leavitt, Elisha S. Marston, Isaac Marston, Zacchary Brown, Thomas Ward.
1803, James Leavitt, Thomas Ward, Zacchary Brown, Levi Batchelder, Elisha S. Marston.
1804, James Leavitt, Benjamin Shaw, Isaac Marston, Abner Page, Joseph F. Dearborn.
1805, James Leavitt, Josiah Dow, Henry Elkins, Philip Towle, Jr., Jeremiah Hobbs.
1806, James Leavitt, Joshua Lane, Nehemiah Sanborn, Zacchary Brown, Nathaniel Locke.
1807, James Leavitt, Capt. Jonathan Marston, Samuel James, David Nudd, Ebenezer Lawrence.
1808-9, Thomas Ward, David Towle, Josiah Dow, Edmund Toppan, Joseph Towle.
1810, Joseph Towle, Josiah Dow, Ebenezer Lawrence, David Towle, Richard Greenleaf.
1811, Joseph Towle, Ebenezer Lawrence, David Towle, Richard Greenleaf, Moses Nudd.
1812, Ebenezer Lawrence, David Towle, Jeremiah Hobbs, John Dow, Isaac Marston.
1813, John Dow, Jeremiah Hobbs, Richard Greenleaf, Samuel James, Jeremiah T. Marston.
1814, John Dow, Jeremiah Hobbs, Samuel James, Daniel Towle, Jeremiah T. Marston.
1815, John Dow, Jeremiah Hobbs, Isaac Marston, Jeremiah T. Marston, Daniel Towle.
1816, John Perkins, Thomas Ward, Oliver Marston, Daniel Towle, Jeremiah T. Marston.
1817, Thomas Ward, John Perkins, Amos Towle, Jr., Daniel Towle, Samuel Batchelder.
1818, Daniel Towle, Samuel Batchelder, Samuel Dow, Tristram Shaw, Joseph Ward.
1819, Edmund James, Daniel Towle, Samuel Batchelder, Samuel Dow, Tristram Shaw.
1820-1, John Perkins, Tristram Shaw, Samuel D. Taylor, Daniel Towle, Josiah Dow.
1822, Daniel Towle, Samuel D. Taylor, John Dow, Edmund James, Reuben Lamprey.
1823-4, Daniel Towle, Jonathan Marston, 3d, John Dow.
1825-8, Daniel Towle, Jonathan Marston, 3d, Joseph Philbrick.
1829, Samuel Batchelder, Amos Towle, Jr., Josiah Dow, Jr., Samuel D. Taylor, John Philbrick.
1830, Samuel Batchelder, Amos Towle, Jr., Josiah Dow, Jr.
1831, Daniel Towle, Jesse Knowles, Jonathan Towle, Jr.
1832, Jesse Knowles, Jonathan Towle, David Marston.
1833, David Marston, Jonathan Towle, John Johnson.
1834, Jonathan Towle, Josiah Marston, Jr., Joseph Philbrick.
1835, Col. Jonathan Marston, Simeon B. Shaw, John Perkins, Jr.
1836, John Perkins, Jr., Simeon B. shaw, Simon Towle, Jr.
1837-8, Simon Towle, Jr., David Page, Ebenezer Lane.
1839-42, Abraham Fogg, Simeon B. Shaw, William Brown.
1843, Josiah Dow, Amos Towle, jr., Anthony Emery.
1844, Abraham Fogg, David Marston, Joseph Philbrick.
1845, David Marston, Joseph Philbrick, John Redman, Jr.
1846, Josiah Dow, Simeon B. Shaw, John Redman, Jr.
1847, Josiah Page, Samuel D. Lane, Adna Garland.
1848, Simeon B. Shaw, Thomas Leavitt, Col. Jonathan Marston.
1849-50, Simeon B. Shaw, Abraham Fogg, Ebenezer Lane.
1851, David Towle, Jr., Joseph R. Sanborn, John Palmer.
1852, Josiah Page, Joseph R. Sanborn, Daniel Moulton.
1853, Josiah Page, John Dearborn, Moses Leavitt.
1854, Josiah Dow, John Dearborn, Edmund Mason.
1855, Enoch P. Young, Jesse Lane, Alba C. Taylor.
1856, Enoch P. Young, Edmund Mason, Simeon Shaw.
1857, Joseph Johnson, Jesse Lane, Simeon Shaw.
1858, Joseph Johnson, Ebenezer Lane, Daniel Moulton.
1859, Daniel Moulton, Ebenezer Lane, Oliver Towle.
1860, Meshech S. Ackerman, Oliver Towle, Jeremiah M. Lamprey.
1861, Joseph A. Dearborn, Abraham Fogg, Jonathan M. Lamprey.
1862-3, Joseph Johnson, Obed S. Hobbs, Alvin Emery.
1864, Joseph Dow, Jacob T. Brown, Edmund Mason.
1865, Jacob T. Brown, Edmund Mason, John H. Fogg.
1866, Jacob T. Brown, John C. Marston, Samuel J. Drake.
1867, Jacob T. Brown, Benjamin Hobbs, Jonathan Taylor.
1868, Jacob T. Brown, John C. Marston, Samuel J. Drake.
1869, John H. Fogg, John C. Marston, Reuben Lamprey.
1870-1, Edmund Mason, Jesse Lane, John Dearborn.
1872-3, J. Warren Dow, Daniel Weare, Christopher G. Toppan.
1874, Samuel J. Drake, Joseph Johnson, Nathaniel S. Locke.
1875-6, Jacob T. Brown, John H. Fogg, William H. Blake.
1877, Jacob T. Brown, John F. Marston, William E. Lane.
1878, Jacob T. Brown, Christopher G. Toppan, Henry J. Perkins.
1879, Enoch P. Young, William E. Lane, John F. Marston.
1880, John F. Marston, Joseph Johnson, William E. Lane.
1881, John F. Marston, William E. Lane, William H. Blake.
1882-3, William E. Lane, John W. Towle, Warren M. Batchelder.
1884-5, Frank B. Brown, William E. Lane, Samuel W. Dearborn.
1886, William E. Lane, George A. Johnson, Samuel W. Dearborn.
1887-8, William E. Lane, George A. Johnson, Joseph B. Brown.
1889, William E. Lane, Samuel A. Towle, John W. Mace.
1890, Joseph B. Brown, William E. Lane, Charles M. Batchelder.
1891, Horace M. Lane, Joseph B. Brown, Abbott L. Joplin.
1892, Horace M. Lane, Abbott L. Joplin, George W. Palmer.


With Length Of Time In Hampton As Far As Ascertained

Robert Tuck, "chirurgeon," 1638 - 1664.
Dr. Richard Hooper, here in 1684, and for a number of years.
Dr. John Groth, licensed by General Court Apr., 1679, to practice physic and chirurgery in Hampton.
Dr. Benjamin Dole, from ab. 1700, to death, 1707, ae. 26 years.
Dr. Nathaniel Sargent, 1711? - 1748?.
Dr. Edmund Toppan, 1727?-death, 1739.
Dr. Clement Jackson, 1731? - 1747, or later.
Dr. John Newman, 1740? - 1747.
Dr. John Weeks, 1748? - death, 1763.
Dr. Anthony Emery, ab. 1750 - death, 1781.
Dr. Samuel Page, ab. 1770 - death, 1821.
Dr. Ebenezer Tilton, ab. 1771 - death, 1800.
Dr. --------- Dudley.
Dr. Asahel Dearborn.
Dr. Jonathan French, on school com. in 1801.
Dr. Obed Stearns, 1799 - death, 1800, aged 29 years.
Dr. Ebenezer Lawrence, 1801 - 1850.
Dr. Lucian French, died here Mar. 19, 1828, aged 25 years.
Dr. Robert Smith, 183-? - 184-?
Dr. Henry A. Jewett, 184-, - 184-.
Dr. George G. Odiorne, married, 1848.
Dr. Abram B. Lord, 184-, - 1854.
Dr. F. F. Forsaith, left in 1854.
Dr. Nathaniel Ruggles, 1854? - 1859.
Dr. William T. Merrill, since 1854; sole resident physician, 1859 - 1873.
Dr. Norberto Osorio, 1873 - 1875?
Dr. Marvin F. Smith, since 1888.
Dr. Charles P. Jackson, since 1891.
Dr. S. F. A. Pickering, dentist, 1890 - 1892.

Other physicians have resided and practiced in town temporarily.

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