Reach Your Goal At Physicians Healthy Weight Center

By Jessica Jenkins, Atlantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, March 11, 2005

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

MAKE A HEALTHY CHANGE(Above) The staff of Physicians Healthy Weight Center (from left) includes Dr. Jennifer Warren, who co-founded the physician-based treatment center with her husband, Ron Wolfe; Nutritionist Beth Almstrom; and Medical Assistant Ruth Arellano. (Below) Dr. Warren checks a patient's heartbeat.
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Special to the Atlantic News:

HAMPTON -- In case you didn't know, there is a fantastic new weight loss center right in Hampton. Sans the gimmicks, this physician-based treatment center does not encourage starvation or yo-yo dieting, but rather, works with their clients to create a healthy lifestyle change that is realistic to the individual.

Sticking with you every step of the way from monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol, to creating a unique menu, and keeping track of your weight loss until you reach your goal, the professionals at Physicians Healthy Weight Center will help you lose weight in a way that is healthy and much more likely to keep the weight off.

The center was founded just about a year ago by Dr. Jennifer Warren and her husband Ron Wolfe, the former news director at Channel 13 out of Portland, Maine. Since then, they have had tremendous success with their clients and have already had numerous requests to expand to different locations.

Warren, a board-certified family practitioner, practiced family medicine in New London (NH) at Wentworth-Douglas Hospital for almost 10 years before deciding to start this new endeavor. Battling her own weight gain after having her two children, she took a personal interest in the subject of bariatric medicine (a specialty that helps people achieve healthy weight).

Realizing that weight management is not a subject that is explored in great depth in medical school, she decided to become certified in this area. Coupled with the fact that obesity is one of America's top concerns contributing to health issues, it appeared to Warren that there was a real need for a program of this nature in any community.

Between Jennifer and Ron, they have lost 120 pounds by putting this philosophy into practice. They, too, had tried almost every fad diet imaginable. Therefore, they don't just talk the talk — they have walked the walk. Having been through the process themselves, their empathy on the subject truly translates to their clients.

When a client first comes in for a consultation, they will initially spend time with Ruth Arellano, the medical assistant, who will check their blood pressure and do blood work screening for a cholesterol, glucose, thyroid, and liver and kidney functions. She will also do a measure of body fat, body mass index, and initial waist measurements.

The client will then meet with Beth Almstrom, the nutritionist, who will talk with them about any dietary restrictions or preferences and create an individualized menu plan for them. Then, finally, they will meet with Dr. Warren for a physical exam and talk about any other health concerns, their weight loss goals, and about implementing the program coupling good nutrition with exercise.

Occasionally, Dr. Warren will initially prescribe safe appetite suppressants to jump-start the metabolism to help the weight loss process. Clients are then sent on their way with a full packet of information and menu plans, and check back in a month for their first follow-up. They will do this every month until their goal is achieved.

Having the guidance, support and expertise behind a team of specialists takes a lot of the pressure off of the individual. Their goal is to have the client lose at least one percent of their body mass per week, although many times the weight comes off faster. When weight comes off too quickly, however (as on liquid diets, for example), the heart muscle can be affected, and dieters can lose muscle mass all over the body, which is very dangerous.

The main goal of the team at Physicians Healthy Weight Center, parallel to the weight loss itself, is to educate their clients on a healthy lifestyle and give them the tools to maintain it for the rest of their lives. In fact, many clients who rely on medication for diseases like diabetes have been able to significantly reduce or eliminate the amount of medication they require through this plan.

Much more information about this innovative program can be found at, or contact Physicians Healthy Weight Center at (603) 758-1400 to set up a consultation. They are located at 1 Merrill Drive in Suite 21 in Hampton and are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Investing in your health is the wisest investment you can make for yourself; stop by this friendly and welcoming center for a consultation today.