Summer Reading Characters

Maker, Faker, and the Private Eye


One hot summer day, when six teens wandered into the local library, everything changed.

Alex didn’t want to go to the library. He’d rather have stayed at home and played video games, but his mom made him go. She had asked him, in that Mom way, to pick up a book she had on hold. No arguments. His sister, Tayla came with her friend Alice. Tayla was mad at her annoying, stupid older brother for hiding her phone last night. The chance to get out of the house was to much of a temptation. When she heard her Mom ask Alex if he wanted to take them, and he whined back, "Noooo." Well, that sealed the deal. Get her brother back and get out of the house? Sold.

Gwen needed to figure out why her Raspberry Pi Remote Servo Cam wasn’t working.

And Colin and Sean? They just wanted to get out of the heat.

What happened when they got there? What's their back story? Who are they and where are they from? Where are they going? That’s for you to decide.

How do they go from ordinary teens to mysterious, magical, mechanical extraordinary ones? LMLTeens are welcomed to submit their stories about our gang. It might even unlock an easter egg of an unimaginable amount of raffle tickets for our summer reading program.


The wonderful artwork that you're seeing was commissioned from the the incomparable artist, Ashley Cope who writes and illustrates the amazing webcomic Unsounded. Unsounded is rated 15+



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