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  • Reference USA logoAre you planning to start a business? Are you already a business owner but are looking for new markets into which to expand? Do you want to find out what the competition is up to? Reference USA is a database of information about American businesses. It provides in-depth data about businesses, including business names, addresses, zip codes, the number of employees, annual revenue, the names of managers or owners, business expenditures, nearby businesses, and more. You can limit results to businesses in your zip code, by company size, or other criteria. You can search using a number of different criteria, and either print your results or save them to a flash drive to study later.

    Some introductory video tutorials are available on the Reference USA website, and they also have a series of webinars that anyone can sign up and take.

    The two sections of Reference USA that hold business information are:

    U.S. Businesses

    This database of over 24 million U.S. businesses contains verified, accurate data and is...

  • New Year's ResolutionsIt's that time of year - time to make that New Year's Resolution again. You know the one. It's the same one you've made - and broken - countless times before. But this year will be different, right? You're going to stick to that diet / quit those ciggies / keep going to the gym / [insert your Resolution here] this year unlike past years where you lasted about, what, a week or two? On a good year? Well I say forget putting yourself through that torture this year. I've got a much better idea. Resolve, in 2014, to use your public library more often! What's not to like about that? There is no deprivation involved. In fact, you'll enrich your life considerably. It won't cost you a lot of money. In fact, it could save you a bundle. For a lot of people their public library has never been a big part of their lives. Maybe you are one of them. So make 2014 the year you change that. Learn about all of the services we offer. Learn how you can save money by taking advantage of your tax dollars at work.

    If you are a reader, are you the type who buys just about every book you ever read? Sure it's more convenient but is it really worth the cost? We have more books on our shelves than you can possibly ever read, even if you only count the ones likely to be of interest to you. Trust me, as someone whose reading list only grows...

  • Did you know that there is a lot you can do with your library account right from your computer without having to come into the library or call us? In addition to simple things like changing your contact information or your password/PIN you can renew books, see what you have on hold, save lists of titles for later use, and even keep a list of everything you check out if you wish.

    How do you login to your account?

    In order to log in to your account you must first go to the library's online catalog here. Once there, click on the "Log In" link in the upper right corner.

    Account log in screenshot

    The box below will pop up to allow you to enter your library ID (the long number on your library card's barcode) and your PIN. You can also use an "EZ Username" and "EZ Password" once you have set those up. But the first time you'll need your library card number and PIN. If you don't have a PIN you need to come into the library with your library card and we will set one up for you.

    Library account login screen

    Once you have successfully logged in you will notice that the upper right corner...

  • The following movies can be found in the library's collection of newly received DVD and bluray movies as of August 21st. Hundreds more older movies are also available. All of these titles can be placed on hold if they are checked out.

    Admission [DVD]
    Anna Karenina [Bluray]
    Anna Karenina [DVD]
    Argo [DVD]
    The Avengers [Bluray]
    Beautiful creatures [DVD]
    The brass teapot [DVD]
    The call [DVD]
    Captain America, the first avenger [Bluray]
    Cloud atlas [Bluray]
    Cloud atlas [DVD]
    Company of heroes [DVD]
    The dark knight rises [Bluray]
    The dilemma [DVD]
    Eclipse: The twilight saga [Bluray]
    11 flowers [DVD]
    Father vs son [DVD]
    Flight [Bluray]
    Flight [DVD]
    42 [Bluray] : the Jackie Robinson story
    42 [DVD] : the Jackie Robinson story
    Gangster squad [DVD]
    G.I. Joe : the rise of Cobra [Bluray]
    A good day to die hard [DVD]
    The guilt trip [Bluray]
    The guilt trip [DVD]
    Hit & run [DVD]
    Hitchcock [Bluray]
    Hitchcock [DVD]
    The hobbit [Bluray] : an unexpected journey
    The hobbit [DVD] : an unexpected journey
    The hunger games [Bluray]
    Hyde Park on Hudson [DVD]
    I am number four [DVD]
    Identity thief [DVD]
    The impossible [Bluray]
    The impossible [DVD]
    Jack Reacher [Bluray]

  • Why is Technology Confusing?Walk into just about any library today and one of the first things you'll notice is books - and usually LOTS of them. This is the way it has been for the lifetime of everyone who is alive today, and is likely to continue for some time yet. Some say the day will come when that isn't the case, but exactly when and if that will happen is anyone's guess. But look around a little more closely and you will see that amongst and around the books are growing collections of movies, documentaries and audiobooks, as well as large groups of public access computers where library patrons spend their time on activities from games to filling out job applications.

    It is this latter service that is commanding more and more of a librarian's attention. But beyond merely helping our users navigate the Web or use their email or use word processing software, we are helping more and more people navigate the confusing waters of today's endlessly changing technology. Even those of us who spend most of our day glued to a computer screen find ourselves in a constant battle to keep up with the change.

    For those who rarely if ever use computers, this can be very daunting. It used to be that one could ignore computers and the Internet and get along just fine, but that is no longer the case. In one afternoon the other...

  • The Online NewsstandThere is now a "Marketing" category included with the library's Online Newsstand service. At present there are only two titles included: Advertising Age and Adweek. This brings the number of categories available to twenty.

    The Online Newsstand gives you easy access to recent feature-length articles from a wide variety of popular magazines in such categories as Weekly News & Analysis, Money, Business & Consumer News, People, Music & Entertainment, History, Home Life, Computers, Children, and much, much more.

    These articles are made available through the library's Ebsco service subscription, available on computers in the library or from home with your library card barcode number. The Online Newsstand is a visual interface to just a few dozen of the more popular titles in Ebsco's database of hundreds of periodicals.