New Library Director 'Glad To Be Home Again'

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By Gloria Dion

Atlantic News, Friday, February 1993

(Photo captions by Joanne Mulready, Children's Services Assistant)

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News]
Catherine Redden, Lane Library Director
[Atlantic News photo by Gloria Dion]

HAMPTON -- The town's public library, Lane Memorial, has been under new direction since January of this year.

Catherine Redden, of Portsmouth, assumed her position as director of the library shortly after the start of the new year. The former director, Bradley Green, had resigned from that post late last year.

Sitting in her office among shelves of books and several varieties of plants, Redden projected a feeling of welcome through her openness and eagerness to talk.

The new director hails originally from Hampton Falls and said she remembers coming to this library as a young child. Redden said the public library in Hampton Falls was open only two days a week when she was young, and so she would visit the public library in Hampton frequently.

The first librarian, at the Lane Memorial Library was Redden's great grandfather, S. Albert Shaw, who served in that capacity from 1881-1937. Saying she thought of that fact when she saw the vacancy for the position, she admitted that her great-grandfather's role at the library played a determining factor in applying for the job.

"It just felt right," Redden said.

Also an alumni of the Hampton Academy Junior High School and Winnacunnet High School (Class of '67), Redden said she is becoming familiar again with the streets she once traveled in her younger years.

With an early desire to pursue a career in library science, Redden first attended Plymouth State College and received a bachelor's degree in education. She said because there were only two school's in the area at that time that offered the degree in library science, she was not able to afford the tuition at either, and chose to go into teaching.

Redden taught English to high school students at Pinkerton Academy in Derry for 15 years. She also worked in the library at that school and enjoyed helping students find what they needed. While teaching at Pinkerton, Redden attended school through a program offered at the University of New Hampshire in conjunction with the University of Rhode Island, and received her master's degree in library science in 1984.

. Working at the Leach Library in Derry for six years after receiving her degree, Redden was ready for a change when she saw the position at Lane Memorial advertised.

"It's kind of neat coming back here," said Redden. "It's sort of like coming home again."

Redden and her husband currently reside in Portsmouth with their two cats. The couple met as "summer sweethearts" when they both worked at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard one summer.

Asked about any plans for change at the facility, Redden said she needed to "be here awhile longer before making any changes."

She said she had some things in mind, such as getting a computer for the business section of the library, but she admitted, "everybody starts with a dream."

The biggest difference in working at Lane Memorial in comparison to her former job in Derry is the size.

"This facility is much larger," she said. "It's nice having enough space for things. In Londonderry we were waiting to enlarge, everything was really crowded."

Currently, Redden is under a one year contract that will be reviewed by the library board of trustees next year.

Redden said one of her favorite things about the job was being able to interact with people of all ages.

"I love the job," she said. "Everyone has been very helpful and very friendly."

(l. to r.:) -- Bill Teschek, Joanne Mulready, Alice Alford, Mindy Straight, (back to).
(Front row, l. to r.:) -- Alice Alford, Marie Sullivan, Jean Keefe, Catherine Redden, Joanne Mulready.
(Back row:) -- Mary Marshall, Bill Teschek, Kathy Dunbrack, Dona Janetos.
(Background, l. to r.) -- Denyce Stellmach, Cheryl Goryl.
(Front:) -- Margaret Lovett, (?), Ruth Stimson.
(l. to r.): Jeff Stellmach, Randy Straight, Chris Straight, Mindy Straight.
(l. to r.:) -- (?), (?), Cheryl Goryl, Barbara Ryan.
(l. to r.) -- Dona Janetos, Katie Anderson, Judy Geller, Martha Williams, Cheryl Goryl, Catherine Redden, Barbara Ryan.
(l. to r.:) -- Chris Straight, (?), Margaret Lovett, Jude Thibault, (?), (?).
(l. to r.:) -- Mary Marshall, Catherine Redden, Jerry McConnell, Katie Anderson.
(l. to r.:) -- Jeff Stellmach (back to), Mindy Straight, Joanne Straight, Alice Alford (back to).
(l. to r.:) -- Marianne Jewell, Barbara Ryan, Martha Williams, Dona Janetos.
(l. to r.:) -- Dona Janetos, Marianne Jewell, Barbara Ryan, Martha Williams.
(l. to r.:) -- Katie Anderson, Dona Janetos, Judy Geller, Martha Williams, Cheryl Goryl, Catherine Redden, Barbara Ryan.
(l. to r.:) -- Cheryl Goryl, Katie Anderson, Dona Janetos, Judy Geller, Martha Williams, Catherine Redden, Barbara Ryan.
An invitation letter to Mrs. McEachern, from the Lane Memorial Library Trustees and Friends, dated February 1, 1993.

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