June 2001 News from the Lane Library

by Catherine Redden, Director

The Library has just completed a huge book sale - successfully - and we owe very sincere and public thanks to many people who made it possible. Jeanne Gamage, Head of Adult Services, and Cindy Stosse, Head of Children's Services, brainstormed and came up with a book sale committee of Jane McDermott, Kathy Feltz, and John Holman, all volunteers at the library. They were incredible, meeting and organizing, and calling together more volunteers to help advertise, set up, sell, and clean up. Through their efforts we received two book sale banners from Larry Twomey at Seacoast Coca Cola in Seabrook, a permanent book sale sandwich board made by Larry Feltz and painted by Kathy Feltz with paint from Jack Boland at Wicked Awesome Wallpaper and Paint, and balloons to draw attention to the sale from Patty McKenzie and the Hampton PTA. Coca Cola even donated the beverages to keep the volunteers happy as they worked. The Fire Department provided the manpower and the bucket truck (done along with other bucket truck work) to hang one banner over the door and the other banner across the columns in the front of the library. The Recreation Department and the Town Office posted the sale on their message board out front and the Cable Committee ran our notice. This sale was truly a community effort. The library netted over $1200 which is earmarked for a locking display case and more puppets for the children, neither of which was in the budget. Thank you businesses and volunteers. It was a project well done!

The Summer program, "Octopi Your Mind," starts Thursday June 28th. If you happen in on Thursdays this summer, you'll find the entire staff sporting the reading tee-shirt. The children have specific activities; the adults are encouraged to "octopi their mind" with reading of any sort. Anyone reading, whether coming in to read a paper, or checking out a book or magazine, or even listening to an audio book or CD book, may fill out a ticket on each visit. We'll draw once a week and award a prize weekly. At the end of the summer, we'll do one last drawing for a grand prize. Remember, we're air conditioned!