Lane Library News, July 2000


By Catherine Redden Director 926-3368

The summer reading program has started! Not only do we have a program for the children we also have an unregistered program for adults. Any time you take out any reading material, you can fill out a ticket with your name and phone number and place in our raffle box. Once a week we'll draw a ticket and the winner will received a Summer Program "Reading Cats and Dogs" book bag. There will also be other prizes throughout the summer of books and knick knacks. If you only come in to read in the library and enjoy our air conditioning, you can still have a ticket every time you're in. Just let us know you've read something. This may be your lucky summer!

Summertime used to mean not being able to place a request for a book at the Lane Library. No more! Reading a professional journal the other day, I came across an article by the former librarian of Stratham, Michael Sullivan. Having recruited Michael to run for president of the state library organization, (which he was in 1996), .I'm always interested in what he has to say. I was also impressed that this young man is already published in a national journal! Michael wrote of adapting the Baltimore County Public Library philosophy of "give 'em what they want" to a small NH public library. What he said was food for thought and caused me to change my personal philosophy which in turn changed a library procedure. Now you can request any book at any time. If there are 5 or more people waiting for a particular title, we'll get another copy, and another and another as long as the list increases. It's much better customer service to have 5 books that will be read several times, than to have five different titles which may or may not be read one or two times. The number of books that will require multiple copies is limited, so don't expect to see shelves full of the same titles; you probably won't even notice the change except you'll be able to read what you want when you want it, not months later. If you request a book that we do not yet own, we will consider it for purchase. We've always had a pretty good record of doing that - now I want it to be an excellent record of doing that.

Come on in, enjoy the A.C., and get in the reading habit!!