Funding Resources at Lane Library

By Stan Olson, Head of Reference Services

If you’re a student heading for college, or if you work with a nonprofit group that serves the public, you may be looking for grants or loans. Resources at the Lane Memorial Library can help you in your search for financial support.

For students, a good starting place is a general guide like Peterson’s Scholarships, Grants & Prizes, Peterson’s College Money Handbook, or The Scholarship Book 2001. All are available in Lane’s Reference section.

Other books can be found using our online catalog, accessible from library terminals or from home through the Lane Library website ( Searching the catalog for “scholarships” gives you more specialized titles like Laurie Blum’s Free Money for Athletic Scholarships and Gail Schlachter’s Back-to-School Money Book: A Financial Aid Guide for Midlife and Older Women Seeking Education and Training.

Finally, much useful information is available on the Internet. For example, the SallieMae website ( can explain the differences between federally funded Stafford, Perkins, and PLUS loans. At the U.S. Department of Education home page (, you can read about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and even complete the application online!

The library has free paper copies of the FAFSA with instructions. We also have the 2000-2001 Federal School Code List, which you’ll need when filling it out. They are located in Reference next to the college catalogs.

For nonprofit organizations, a basic source on funding is The Foundation Directory, which lists contact information, sample grants, program interests, and financial data for America’s 10,000 largest foundations. Lane Library has the latest edition, plus The Foundation Directory Part 2, which provides information on smaller grantmakers.

Also in our collection are targeted guides such as the Directory of Operating Grants, Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations, and How to Form Your Own Nonprofit Corporation.

Whether you’re looking in books, our catalog, or the Internet, there’s always a Reference Librarian available to help you get the most from these sources.