New Arts and Science Resources at Lane Memorial Library

By Stan Olson, Head of Reference Services, Lane Memorial Library, Hampton

New reference sources arrive on the Lane Library shelves all the time. Two recent additions that are hard to miss are the McGraw- Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology (20 volumes) and the Grove Dictionary of Art (34 volumes). Each one is an authoritative publication covering all aspects of its field.

The Encyclopedia of Science & Technology features 7,100 articles, many new or newly revised, and each written by a recognized expert (30 Nobel Prize winners are among the authors). It has been called the “premier encyclopedia in science and engineering.”

Much has changed in the five years since the last edition, especially in fields such as computing and biomedical sciences. This makes the 2002 edition essential for areas like “Artificial Intelligence,” “Forensic Evidence,” and the “Human Genome Project.”

With over 12,000 illustrations, the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia presents a clear introduction to almost any scientific concept. For readers who want to go farther, the Analytical Index, Topic Index, and Study Guides provide access to all the information available on a particular subject.

The Grove Dictionary of Art is unequalled as a visual arts reference for students, historians, artists and collectors. It includes over 41,000 articles by 6,802 scholars from around the world, and 15,000 illustrations.

Covering the arts and architecture of virtually every country and historical period, the 34 volumes take up five feet of shelf space and weigh 168 pounds. The extensive index contains more than 720,000 entries.

So, if you’re interested in a particular artist, movement, theory, or type of art – from the earliest cave paintings to the present day – chances are you’ll find it in the Grove Dictionary of Art.