Lane Library News, May 2002

By Catherine Redden, Director

Remember as a kid (and even as an adult) how you loved hearing someone praise your efforts? Well, we like it just as much here at the library. The library website has been the recipient of some very interesting e-mail messages lately. Perry wrote, “I am a descendent of the DeLancey family of Hampton. I just discovered your marvelous website for the Lane Library today. I cannot tell you, as a webmaster myself, what an impressive, useful, and easy-to-use website the library has created.... I’ve learned more about my family than I’ve been able to in decades of traditional research.” Tom sent a message, “I have just spent an hour on your library’s website and I am in awe. What a fantastic job you’re doing. You are doing more than most libraries in the entire country....The indexing is quick and accurate. Keep up the good work.” And my favorite correspondence came from the Northwest. Sandra wrote, “I would like to say a special thank you to the persons at your library who are responsible for placing Joseph Dow’s History of Hampton on the Internet. I live on a remote ranch in rural northeastern Oregon. With the snow swirling and the road closed, I enjoyed the winter by reading through the History of Hampton at my computer. I was absolutely fascinated to find out more about my ancestors. ... As a former teacher, and also retired librarian of a small rural northeastern Oregon public library, I can appreciate the efforts you made in doing the online Dow project. I have admired your well- organized library website.”

Bill Teschek, along with John Holman, spend many hours making historical and genealogical information available to the world on our website. We’re curious how the availability of the material online will affect the number of people who travel the country doing their research in person. It might even spur people to visit their roots. Already this spring we’ve had people come and stay in the area for a day or two in order to access the printed materials available.

If you contemplate a long auto journey this summer, in search of your roots or just in search of a summer vacation, think about taking books on tape or cd. We have a marvelous selection from short abridged novels to the longer, unabridged books in multiple cassettes or CD’s. It took me about a month of commuting back and forth to work to complete listening to Stephen Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage, the story of the Lewis and Clark exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. What an incredible feat for its time. And listening to a book is much nicer than listening to some of the current talk show hosts spout their opinions. I will put in a plea for all players of audio cassettes. Please rewind them! When your cassette ends, fast forward to the end before ejecting it. Library staff try to be on the lookout for tapes needing rewinding, but we may miss some.

Also in the library this month is an art show by the Seacoast Artists Association. Come on down and check out their work in the Wheaton Lane Room. They are quite talented!