Unusual author/title combinations

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By William H. Teschek, Assistant Director

There are a lot of enjoyable things about working in a library, and the best is probably being one of the first to see all of the new books that come in every week. Last week one of those new titles was "The Fix-it and forget-it cookbook : feasting with your slow cooker". My wife had been looking for some new crock pot recipes so I was the first to check the book out, but that's not why I'm mentioning it here. I mention it because the last names of the two authors were Ranck and Good. You must admit, it's an unusual combination of names for a cookbook!

This made me think of a list I've been compiling over the 24 years I've been working here. I've kept a collection of such unusual author/title combinations that I think you'll enjoy.

  • The Spiral Ascent, by Edward Upward.
  • War Brides, by Lois Battle
  • Rage, Hate, Assault, & Other Forms of Violence, by D. J. Madden
  • The Seeing Summer, by Jeannette Eyerly
  • Swimming for Boys and Girls, by Harry Kramp
  • Creature Comforts: The Adventures of a city vet, by Stephen Kritsick
  • Death in Early America, by Margaret M. Coffin
  • When Luck Runs Out, by Robert L. Custer
  • Maritime Careers, by John F. Waters
  • Dislocations, by Jannette Turner Hospital
  • The Perfect Murder, by Jack Hitt
  • Webster J. Duck, by Martin Waddell
  • What To Do When the Russians Come, by Robert Conquest
  • Open Your Mind to Receive, by Catherine Ponder

I promise I haven't made any of these up! I've also saved my favorite for last: "Where Do I Go From Here With My Life?", by John C. Crystal and Richard N. Bolles. If you know of any other good ones, please share them with me.

I just read the new Harlan Coben novel "No Second Chance" and enjoyed it very much. If you enjoy action/suspense novels and haven't read any of his books yet, I strongly recommend you give him a try. Other writers in this genre who don't often grace the best seller lists but write fabulous stories are Matthew Reilly, James Rollins, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, David Morrell (his new book is just out), John Nance, David Baldacci, Greg Iles, Kyle Mills, Michael Palmer, and Exeter's own Dan Brown (whose latest book debuted at number one on many best-seller lists). Give them a try. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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