Hampton Board of Selectmen

NameContact InfoAddressTerm Expires
Rick Griffin, Chair


selectgriffin (at) gmail.com

529 Ocean Blvd.2020

Regina Barnes, Vice-Chair

reginamary511 (at) gmail.com
95 Presidential Circle2022
Rusty Bridle

rbridle (at) town.hampton.nh.us

225 Towle Farm Road2020
Mary-Louise Woolsey926-3544
mwoolsey(at) town.hampton.nh.us
148 Little River Road2021
James Waddell601-6108
jwaddell (at) town.hampton.nh.us
190 King's Highway2021

Minutes of Selectmen's meetings are available on the Town's website.

View streaming video of the meetings online

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