Hampton's Representatives to the New Hampshire Legislature

Hampton's State Senator, District 24

Nancy F. Stiles (R)
1 Hayden Circle, Hampton, NH 03842-1165 (603)601-6591 nancy.stiles@leg.state.nh.us Committees: Education (Vice-Chair); Public & Municipal Affairs; Transportation (Chair)-- Web page

Hampton's State Representatives, Districts 21 & 37

District 21

Robert R Cushing , Hampton (D)
395 Winnacunnet Rd, Hampton, NH 03842-2732 (603)926-2737 renny.cushing@leg.state.nh.us Committee: Criminal Justice and Public Safety -- Web page
Frederick C. Rice (R)
15 Heather Lane, Hampton, NH 03842-1118 (603)929-1517 fred.rice@leg.state.nh.us Committee: Resources, Recreation and Development -- Web page
David I. Wood (R)  Resigned in December, special election to be held
J. Tracy Emerick (R)
207 North Shore Road, Hampton, NH 03842-1468 (603)926-8316 tracy.emerick@leg.state.nh.us Committee: Finance; Finance I-- Web page

District 37

Andrew Christie (D)
185 Kensington Rd, Hampton Falls, NH 03844-2212 (603)926-7106 andrew.christie@leg.state.nh.us Committees: Executive Departments and Administration -- Web page

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