Hampton Municipal Budget Committee

NamePhone NumberEmail addressTerm Expires
Eileen Latimer, Chair926-2005eileenlatimer (at) comcast.net2016
Brian Lapham, Vice Chair926-1386hamptonbeachus (at) yahoo.com2016
Mike Plouffe926-8657 or  926-3793 no email2018
Stephen Labranche929-3605slabranche (at) yahoo.com2017
Mike Pierce926-3245michaelpierce_lbc (at) yahoo.com2017
Sunny Kravitz926-0405sunnykr3a (at) gmail.com2018
Timothy "Citizen" Jones929-7097timjones (at) usadba.com2017
Sandra Nickerson   
Nicholas Bridle777-7587nicholas_bridle (at) me.com2018
Scott Blair601-2871 or 214-405-3134scott (at) mankarios.com)2016
Jim O'Loughlinjmol59 (at) comcast.net2016
Rusty Bridle, Selectmen's Rep.926-8694rbridle (at) town.hampton.nh.us2016
Phil Bean, Alternate Selectmen's Rep.800-660-2326pbean (at) town.hampton.nh.us2016
Jerry Znoj, School Board Rep.926-7762jerryznoj (at) yahoo.com2015
Robert Ladd, Precinct Member Rep.929-4156bobladd (at) comcast.net2015

Minutes of Budget Committee meetings are available on the Town's website.

View streaming video of the meetings online

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