The Hamptons Union, October 20, 1910

Vol. II, No. 42

Hampton News

Herbert Lamprey last Saturday killed thirty-five sea fowl at the beach.

John Moulton is expecting to take a flying trip to Boston the last of this week.

Emmons Coffin is taking care of Millard Bristol's cat and bantams while he is away in New York.

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Toppan have returned from their wedding tour.

Miss Mary Toppan has been entertaining a host of friends at her beautiful new home, which she recently moved into.

Miss Mildred Batchelder of Bride Hill spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Batchelder.

Hallowe'en cards at Sanborn's drug store.

Douglas Thompson, of Marblehead, Mass., returned to his home on Saturday, after a few days visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Thompson.

Mrs. Mary V. Marden of Greenland was in town two days last week, visiting her cousin, Otis H. Marston, and family.

An extreme example of long distance building moving was the conveying of Les Montaguards' Club House from Nashua to Hampton Beach. It stood for years on the bank of the Merrimac River, just below the mouth of the Nashua. The club finally disbanded and, there being no demand for the structure at the point named and it being admirably adapted for a summer cottage, it was purchased, dismantled and removed piecemeal to be re-erected at the beach, where it makes a substantial addition to the architecture of that resort.

Miss Emma Davis spent Saturday and Sunday in Newburyport, Mass.

Capt. F. H. Thompson a conductor on the Exeter, Hampton and Amesbury street railway, lost an expensive power boat by fire on Sunday night. The boat was at its mooring in Hampton river. The cause of the fire is unknown. The boat was burned to the water's level.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bristol with their daughters, Charlotte and Beatrice, and son, Millard have gone to New York for the winter.

James Monroe Lamprey and a friend has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lamprey, coming Saturday on the 8:18 train from Portsmouth and going back on the 8:05 Sunday night.

Sunday J. H. Philbrick had to send to Exeter for Dr. Coffin to come down and see his horse, but found the disease to be a tumor, and Monday had to send for Dr. Coffin to remove an apple in the throat of his cow. It was choked from three thirty till after nine, but did not find out till late what the matter was.

Freeman Williams and son, Myron, of Waltham, Mass., started on Saturday for a trip through the West, as far as Illinois, where Mr. Williams has an extensive area of land. Mrs. Myron Williams and little daughter will spend the time with a friend in Norwood.

Dr. Ward was called in consultation with Dr. White in North Hampton on Saturday to diagnose the condition of Mrs. George Heath.

Miss Clara Valiquet and Miss Helen Hobbs spent Wednesday in Portsmouth.

Mr. and Mrs. Forest Pratt and little son, Hugh, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Brown.

A genuine surprise party was tendered Mrs. Charlotte Nye in her home in Guinea on Wednesday evening by the Monday Club and their husbands. Mrs. Church entertained the guests with readings and after a social time refreshments were served.

What came very near being a very serious accident occurred in front of Mrs. Adams residence on Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Cole. In turning their horse gave a sudden leap, overturning the carriage and throwing Mr. and Mrs. Cole to the ground. Both parties are badly bruised but otherwise escaped injury, although Mr. Cole's bruises are sufficient to keep him in bed.

The Monday club was entertained on Monday in the hospitable home of Mrs. Albert Coffin, eleven members and two guests, Miss Stedman of Boston and Mrs. Frank Coffin of Hampton being present. After the opening exercises the program of the afternoon, Prehistoric Times, was taken up. Mrs. Blake read an interesting and instructive paper upon "The Mound Builders," and Mrs. Brown one on "The Cliff Dwellers." Roll call was responded to by current events and Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Nye furnished a duet. Refreshments of chicken salad, sandwiches, raspberry ice cream, cake, Russian tea wafers and fruit were served by the hostess.

J. Q. Bennett is going to have his Casino moved from North beach to a lot recently laid out by the town opposite the North Beach road, and near the transfer station.

Mrs. Seavey Blake spent Wednesday in Newburyport.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Towle with their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Diehl of Salisbury Mass., returned from their automobile trip on Sunday.

The boys from town made a trip to Hampton Falls Monday evening and serenaded Mr. and Mrs. James D. L. Janvrin in royal style and Mr. Janvrin responded in a similar manner.

Rev. J. A. Ross attended the wedding and reception of Mr. Haliburton Fales and Miss Edith Dexter in Newburyport on Wednesday.

An unknown man was struck and killed by a train some time in the night of Monday last in front of the depot. The body was terribly mangled. Medical referee Walker was summoned who viewed the body and turned it over to Undertaker Jones for burial. The body was first discovered by Andrew Roberts of the section gang.


We desire to express our thanks to all who have shown us sympathy and aid in our recent affliction.