The Hamptons Union, September 1, 1910

Vol. II, No. 35

Hampton News

The engagement of Lucy Edith Hazelton of this town, and Edward Martin Hook of Contoocook, N.H., is announced.

Theodore Coburn of Boston has been a recent visitor in town.

Chauncey Butler of Stoneham, Mass., is spending a week with his friend, Earle W. Morehouse.

Mrs. Horace Lane and Mrs. Howard Lane took an automobile trip to Atkinson Tuesday and spent the day with Mrs. Edgar Warren.

Miss Gratia Godfrey returned to her work in Albany Tuesday after a month's vacation in the home of her parents.

Miss Sarah Augusta Blake leaves on Saturday for Bath, Maine, where she has accepted a position in the high school.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Saunders of Lowell, Mass., were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. William T. Ross. Mr. and Mrs. Buswell of Salisbury, Mass., and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Tucker of Woonsocket, R.I., joined them on Sunday.

Miss Emma Locke entertained her cousins, Mrs. Richardson and daughter of Merrimac, Mass., Mrs. Dehl of Salisbury, Mass., and Miss Alice Weare, on Wednesday.

Mrs. Flora Wilbar and daughter, Florence, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Parker Blake.

Mrs. E. G. Cole is visiting Miss Edith Livingston in Concord, N.H.

Mr. and Mrs. Callahan of White Plains, N.J., who have been guests of Mrs. Fouldes for the month of August, returned home on Monday. They are delighted with the town of Hampton and its beautiful sea coast.

Miss Emma Locke is spending the week in Merrimac, Mass.

A very sad accident occurred in the home of Eugene Nudd on Friday. Two children were cutting pictures from magazines. One child wished the scissors, which the other was using, whereupon the little fellow tossed them to his playmate and they struck him directly in the eye. The child was hurried to the Massachusetts General Hospital, where little hope is given for the preservation of the sight.

Mrs. Inor Partington has returned from Hopkinton, N.H., where she has been spending a month, feeling greatly benefitted by the change.

An invitation has been extended by Mrs. Martha Locke to the Monday Club to attend a farce given by her three daughters in their commodious barn, Saturday evening, Sept. 3

The Rev. Edgar Warren will take possession of his house Sept 10. Mrs. Charlotte Nye has not fully completed her plans for a residence.

The W.C.T.U. held a very successful "porch party" at Mrs. Otis Marston's. About thirty were present and a very enjoyable afternoon was passed. Sandwiches cake, sugar pears, ice cream and cocoa were served.

Next Sunday at the Free Baptist church, the pastor, the Rev. W. Lincoln Phillips, will preach from the theme, "Looking Heavenward." The choir will sing an anthem entitled, "Soft as Fades the Sunset Splendor." A most tender, sweet and pleasing number. The Sacrament of the Lord's supper will be administered at the close of the morning service. All christians and those who love the Lord in sincerity and truth are invited to this service. Let the members of the church make an effort to be present at the Lord's table. Sunday school at the close of the communion service. Choir rehearsal directly at the close of the Sunday school. Evening service of praise, prayer and testimony at 7 o'clock. Subject, "The Three Good Cheers of Jesus." Let the service of song be an inspiration. Mid-week prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7:30. Let those evening services be largely attended. All who will attend these services will be welcome. Come.

The Colonial Dames of New Hampshire have erected a memorial tablet in Pine Grove cemetery, Hampton and on Thursday, Sept 8 at 11:30 a.m., there will be a dedicatory service held in the Congregational church, with the following order of exercises: Colonial Dames Ode, Prayer, Rev. Inor Partington, address, Rev. Alfred Gooding of Portsmouth; hymn; presentation of Memorial to Town of Hampton; acceptance of same by chairman of selectmen; Doxology; Benediction. The townspeople and others are cordially invited to attend this service.

Every voter in this town should make a personal effort to be at the primary election next Tuesday. It is not only in the choice of officers that interest is taken, but in case the legislature this winter takes action in regard to redistributing the state it is very important to have a larger vote out. Personal pride, as well, should induce all our Republican voters to come out, and thereby show in a practical way that they resent the manner in which this town has been ignored in the past in the way of representation in the state senate.

The name of the old Hampton House has been changed, and is now the Mason House, according to a new sign recently put up.

The second examination for entrance to the Hampton Academy will be held in the Academy building on Tuesday, September 5th at 2 o'clock p.m. All wishing an examination are requested to be thee promptly.

The fall term of the Academy and town schools will begin on Tuesday, September 6.

The largest congregation of the season greeted the pastor of the Free Baptist church last Sunday. People from many towns and cities were present. The evening service was largely attended and was an inspiring service. The singing was excellent and lots of it. Let the people continue to come and "Be not weary in well doing."

Mrs. Jennie G. Eastman and her niece, Miss Gertrude L. Yeaton of East Wilton, Me., who have been visiting in Boston and vicinity, came to Hampton Wednesday afternoon to visit the Phillipses at the parsonage.

Mrs. Josie Sinclare and her son Earl of Long Island City, N.Y. came from Newmarket, the home of Mrs. Sinclare's father, Mr. Geo. O. Hodgdon, last Friday, to make a short visit at the Free Baptist parsonage. They remained until toward evening, Saturday, when they went to Exeter to visit relatives.

Mrs. Etta Hersom, a Newmarket member of the Free Baptist church, and a true friend of W. L. Phillips and family, came to Hampton Sunday morning and spent the day at the Free Baptist parsonage. She attended the morning service and Sunday school and returned to her home toward evening. For two years and a half she was a member of Mr. Phillips' Sunday school class at Newmarket.

Mrs. Birdie Brooks, who is passing the summer in her own house in Hampton, called on Mrs. W. L. Phillips Monday of this week.


Who is Present, and What is Going on at this Popular Resort

Robert Ingalls of Portsmouth and Martin Murray of the same city had a narrow escape from drowning while fishing off this resort Thursday. They were in a sailboat, the wind suddenly veering, capsizing the craft, and both were thrown into the water. After a time both, who were expert swimmers, succeeded in righting the craft and no loss of life resulted, although their fishing lines and a part of their clothing were lost during the catastrophe.

The members of the Jolly club of Exeter enjoyed an outing at the beach Thursday, about forty guests participating in the outing. A basket collation was enjoyed upon the sand at the noon hour, and later in the day the party attended the theatrical performance in a body. Supper was partaken of here, and the return trip was made in the early evening hours.

Miss Flora V. Joplin of Hampton, and a teacher in the public schools of Haverhill, Mass., has been passing a portion of the week at this resort.

M. L. Miller and wife of Concord are enjoying the hospitality of the Ocean house during a part of the vacation term.

The new residence of Maurice H. O'Connor of West Newbury is rapidly nearing completion at the upper end of the beach. Next season Mr. O'Connor intends to erect two more residence on his property.

Mrs. Clifton F. Hall of Haverhill, Mass., has been a recent guest at the beach, visiting Mrs. Joseph Burbank of the Casino.

James Fuller of Amesbury, Mass., and formerly proprietor of the old Boar's Head hotel, is among the recent visitors here for a short stay.

A Haverhill, Mass., party which recently enjoyed an outing here included as members Charles Bailey, Mark Daniels, Alme LeFlamme and Clarence Rowe.

E. D. Sanborn of Fremont is a guest for a stay of several days at the Avon house, where the time is being pleasantly passed.

S. W. Baker and wife are included among the Concord arrivals rusticating at the beach for a short stay.

H. I. Quincy of Rochester is enjoying a portion of the vacation term with friends here.

Mrs. Porter C. Croy of Haverhill, Mass., has been calling upon friends here during the week.

Mrs. William F. Dowe [sic] of Exeter is occupying the Dow cottage for the remaining days of the season.

One of the largest crowds of the season witnessed the display of fire works here on Wednesday evening, the event being attended by many from the neighboring summer resorts of Salisbury, Seabrook, Rye and Little Boar's Head. Next Wednesday there will be another display, and the final exhibition of the season will take place on the evening of Labor Day.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller and party and Harry Colby of Amesbury, Mass., have been domiciled for quite an extended stay at one of the Newcomb cottages on Newcomb avenue.

A. B. Curtis and wife of Worcester, Mass., are staying here for a part of the week while making a motor tour of the New England coast resorts.

A valuable horse, owned and driven by Ralph Pratt of Haverhill, Mass., met with a serious injury last Thursday and as a result the animal had to be killed to be put out of its misery. Pratt with one of his employes was driving along the Seabrook Beach boulevard toward Salisbury Beach, when in some manner the front wheels of the carriage became separate from the rest of the turnout, this frightening the horse which stumbled and broke a leg.

W. P. Tucker and wife of Haverhill, Mass., who are spending the season at the Tucker cottage, are entertaining as their guests for a few days, Mrs. George H. Dressor and daughter, Hazel, of Haverhill, Mass.

George Dowst and wife of Allenstown are recent guests for a short sojourn at the Windham cottage.

William Marcotte of Manchester has been a guest at Cutler's hotel recently for a stay of a few days.

A. J. Benoit and wife, who are spending the entire season at their summer home here, are entertaining as guests for a week or longer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Thibeault of Worcester, Mass.

C. R. Crockett of Grafton is enjoying a part of the vacation period at this resort.

Mrs. Arthur P. French of North Danvers is a guest at the Pressey cottage during the remaining days of the season.

John J. Foster Drew and wife and Byron S. Drew of Derry are enjoying the hospitality of Leavitt's hotel for quite an extended stay.

Edward Kidder and wife of Kingston are rusticating at the Hill house for a time.

James Hunt and family of Laconia are enjoying a stay of a fortnight at the Currier cottage at the north shore.

Mrs. Anna Darling and Miss Helen Darling of Concord are occupying the Crystal Cottage at the north beach during a part of the month.

Mrs. George H. Buttrick and Belle Buttrick of Nashua are rusticating at the seashore for a stay of several days.

Frank C. Avery and wife, who have been sojourning at the Dearborn cottage for quite an extended stay, have returned to their home in Hudson.

C. Lester Ford has recently entertained as guests Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F. Morrison and son Carlisle of Bradford, who were at the beach for a short stay.

John Torrey and wife of Newfields are included among the recent arrivals passing a short time here.

F. H. Whitney and wife of Greenland are enjoying a few days of rest and recreation here.

Several large touring cars which have been attending the races at Mount Washington have been noted at this resort during the last few days while en route through the various pleasant sections of New England. Several of these displayed banners bearing the names of the Bretton Woods, Fabyans and other hostelries in that section.

Dominick Kenney and wife and family of Plaistow are pleasantly domiciled at the Hiawatha on Ocean avenue during the concluding days of the vacation season.

Edward Thompson and family of Kingston are enjoying the concluding days of the season at their cottage.