The Hamptons Union, July 21, 1910

Vol. II, No. 29

Hampton News

The Sunday school of the Methodist Church are to have a picnic in Garland's Grove, back of Mrs. Martha Hook's house, Thursday, July 28th. If stormy, the next fair day.

The main street of the village is being oiled from the bridge to the beach, for which the residents of the streets are very grateful.

Austin Johnson is having a telephone established in his residence.

The ladies of the Congregational society will hold a lawn party on the church lawn on Friday afternoon and evening July 29. There will be a sale on aprons, ice cream, homemade cake and candy and mystery packages. In the evening there will be a musical in charge of Miss Julia Locke.

Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Ross and son John A. Ross, Jr., visited the Navy Yard in Portsmouth on Thursday. While there they called on Mr. Hunt, who is located there, and who was with John Ross in Seattle, Wash.

Winston Churchill of Concord was a guest of Howard G. Lane on Friday.

Mrs. Charlotte Nye is entertaining her sister and daughter of New York.

Mrs. Mattie Wilkinson spent last week in Lawrence, Mass., the guest of her brother, William Joplin.

Mr. Joseph Snider, one of Hampton's aged citizens passed away on Saturday, July 16, aged seventy-nine years. Mr. Snider was born in New Brunswick where he married his wife, nine children blessed this union, six of whom, with his widow and three grandchildren are left to mourn his loss, and to whom the sympathy of neighbors and friends is extended. The children are Mr. Charles Snider, Mrs. Joseph Holmes, Mrs. Frank Palmer, Mrs. Charles Harrison of Hampton Falls and Mr. John Snider. The funeral obsequies were conducted by Mr. Ross and Mr. Partington on Monday and the interment was in the Hampton cemetery.

Willie Glover returned home Sunday, after spending a week with his grandfather, William Brown.

Invitations to the number of about sixty have been issued by Mrs. Warren Lane to a musical to be held in her home on Tuesday, Jul 26.

Mrs. John Nutter and daughter Ruth of Chelsea, Mass., and Mrs. Fred Nutter and two children of Pennsylvania are spending the week with Mrs. E. D. Berry. They were guests of Howard G. Lane on Tuesday.

Mrs. Frank H. Joseph of Portland, Me. is spending a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. Fred S. Marston.

The What-so-ever mission circle held a very successful lawn party on E. G. Cole's grounds on Friday, the net proceeds being fifteen dollars.

Mrs. Nelson Blake, Miss Emma Locke and Miss Alice Weare enjoyed an outing to Plum Island on Tuesday.

Mrs. Lawrence of Boston is the guest this week of Mrs. Dr. Thompson.

Mrs. Mary J. Lamprey, who resides with her daughter, Mrs. Walter Palmer, has so far improved in health after her recent severe illness, as to receive callers and she is able to be dressed and sit up, greatly to the pleasure of her friends.

Nellie Berry Newton of Newburyport is visiting her parents with her little daughter, Claudia Lorette.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wise of Malden, Mass., are present guests at Mrs. Shelton's.

George Philbrook is moving to the family of Harrison Hobbs, so that Mrs. Philbrook can assist in the housekeeping.

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Gilmore, Mrs. John Taylor, Mrs. Warren Hobbs and daughter, Dorothy Gilmore, spent Monday at Canobie Lake Park.

The seventieth birthday anniversary of Mrs. Anna Shelton, which was planned as a surprise by her daughter Miss Emma Shelton, was a complete success. There were twenty-eight present and a very pleasant time was enjoyed by all. The gifts were choice flowers. Seventy pinks were given by friends and Mrs. Elwell, a cousin, gave a lovely lot of roses and many others brought sweet peas and a beautiful lot of wild orchids, which grow only in a few places about the marsh, were on her table. Miss Emma had provided delicious and delicate refreshments, which were enjoyed out of doors under the big tree. All were well pleased with the social occasion and wished her many happy returns of birthday remembrances. Mrs. Berry presented the flowers.

There will be a lawn party under the auspices of Ocean Side Grange, August 9, or if stormy, August 10, afternoon and evening, on the Toppan grounds, near Hotel Whittier. The committee in charge is Mrs. Albert Shaw, Mrs. Merton James, Miss Helen Batchelder and Miss Alberta Berry, who have several new and novel ideas for the entertainment of all who attend, including and open-air concert and a gypsy camp. Mrs. Flora Lane, Mrs. Haselton, Mrs. Roberts and Miss Lucinda Batchelder will preside over the aprons, punch will be served by Mrs. Howard Lane, Mrs. Parker Blake and Percy Blake; the Misses Ethel Nudd, Florence Elwell and Viola Nudd, will dispense "sweets to the sweet;" Etta Blake, Olive Nudd, Edith Haselton and Lester Perkins will look after the "mysteries," and ice cream and cake will be in charge of Mrs. Clarence Brown, Mrs. Frank James, Mrs. Yeaton, Hale James and Beecher Yeaton. Come, one and all, and have a royal good time.

Ocean Side grange, at its meeting last Friday evening, had a most interesting, as well as profitable experiences party. Most of the "experiences" were told in rhyme, and it was a pleasant surprise to find how many poets and poetesses were present. Miss Ruth Leavitt rendered a piano selection in a most pleasing manner, and Earl Morehouse also gave an instrumental piece.

At the Free Baptist Church next Sunday evening the pastor Rev. W. Lincoln Phillips, will preach from the Theme, "Rest." The choir will sing for a selection an anthem, "We Praise Thee O God." Sunday school at the close of the morning services. Choir rehearsal directly at the close of Sunday school. Praise, prayer and social service at 7 o'clock. Subject, "Faith in God, What it is, and What it Does." There will be special music. Mid-week prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7:30. Come to these services. You are most cordially invited. Strangers and summer company will be welcome.

One of the chief events of the season was the lawn party held on the lawn of the Free Baptist Church last Tuesday afternoon and evening. The grounds between the church and parsonage was beautifully lighted with electric lights placed there for the occasion. There were several booths. Ice Cream, lemonade, peanuts, popcorn and aprons were on sale. It was a success in every way, solidly and financially. The reading by Miss Mitchell was excellent. The evening closed with games, much social conversation and singing by a chorus of young people.

There is nothing quite so provocative of genuine mirth and lots of it than to see two gay old boys trying to "whoop it up" in a musical comedy performance on the stage. That is why the author has taken the particular peregrinations of a couple of jolly old rovers as the basis for his story in the piece of that name which will be presented at Hampton Beach the week of July 25th, every evening with matinees daily. All the public needs to know is how they start, how they finish and what happens in between times is left to the joyous anticipation of the audience. The jolly companions meet at a lawn party at Lester's home and scheme for a jolly night. La Belle Pearl, a show girl is taken into their confidence. Just as things are getting interesting, the jolly companions are surprised by their wives. Of course, their attempted explanations get them into worse complications and their efforts to extricate themselves furnish no end of fun. In the cast are such well known entertainers as T. F. Thomas, Bob Thomas, James Byrne, Dick Thomas, W. P. Conney, Maud Scott, Christine McLain, Tony LeGault, Marie McLain, Henrietta Wheeler and Edna Oliver.

Card of Thanks

For the kindly assistance and deep sympathy of our neighbors and friends extended to us in our recent sad bereavement, we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation, and take this method of thanking each and every one.

Mrs. Joseph Snider
and Family


WHEREAS, In the Providence of the Almighty, our late brother has been taken from our midst, and

WHEREAS, It is just and fitting that official recognition be made of his virtues and of his brotherly help fullness, be it therefore

RESOLVED, By Winnicummet Rebekah Lodge No 26, I.O.O.F., in regular meeting convened, that while we accept with trusting faith the acts of the Almighty, we none the less mourn the loss of our brother who has been removed to the Lodge Above.

RESOLVED, That in the death of Samuel W. Dearborn this lodge laments the loss of a brother who has always been ready to aid in every work, and his council in times of perplexity has always been freely and wisely given. His sympathy and his help were always freely extended to brothers and sisters in distress. As a friend, companion and a citizen, he was true, generous and progressive.

RESOLVED, That the sympathy of this lodge be extended to the members of the bereaved family. That these resolutions be spread upon the records of the lodge and that a copy be sent to the family.


Committee on Resolutions

Hampton Beach

Who is Present, and What is Going on at this Popular Resort

The daily band concerts that have been revived this season are proving a drawing card, and are enjoyed by cottagers and daily vacationists alike.

F. B. Tyler and David Tyler of Nashua are among the recent guests registered at the Ocean House for a short stay.

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Collins of Exeter are passing a portion of the vacation term at the Pelham Hotel.

T. L. Wilson and wife of Portsmouth have been passing a few days at the Hill Crest Inn.

Mrs. W. H. Thayer, Miss Mary E. Thayer and Henry Thayer of Manchester have been enjoying the hospitality of the Pleasant View house for a few days.

A Manchester party rusticating at the Hill Crest Inn includes Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Tarrants, L. P. Cox and L. L. Fellows.

E. G. Warner and wife of Manchester are spending a fortnight at the Beach, as the guests of friends.

Miss Gertrude Gagnon of Manchester is enjoying her vacation at this popular watering place.

A motoring party that has been passing the heated season is composed of A. L. Maxfield and wife and Norma Maxfield of Hillsborough Bridge, Louis Q. Moulton of Concord and C. C. Sperry of Boston.

John E. Rines is domiciled at Camp Pegazus in Nudd's field during July and August. He is entertaining as his guest for a part of the time Herbert Bailey of Savannah, Ga.

Wilfred Thebarge and August Geandreau of Nashua are stopping at the Hill apartment house for quite an extended stay.

Frederick J. Galow, wife and daughter Eleanor of Huntington, L. I., have arrived here for the remainder of the season, being the guests of William F. Thayer and wife at the Priscilla cottage.

E. K. Brosnan and family of Manchester are occupying the Marion cottage on Ocean Avenue for the entire season.

Frank Lord and family of Manchester are occupying their spacious cottage at the North Beach during July and August.

Lewis Johnson of Laconia is at the Beach for the entire season.

Harry Tennant, wife and daughter Irene of Brentwood are among the vacationists here for quite an extended stay.

James Goodwin and party of Manchester are visiting friends here for a few days.

The death of Mrs. Sarah Ashworth, mother of George Ashworth, proprietor of the Avon house occurred on Monday evening week, after an illness of but two or three days, death being due to causes incident from old age. Mrs. Ashworth was born in England and came to this country in her youth, later marrying Peter Ashworth of Haverhill, whose demise occurred about four years ago. Since that time she made her home with her children, but has passed her summers at the Beach being widely known and respected. She was identified with several fraternities in her home city, and leaves in addition to her son, two daughters Alice Ashworth of Haverhill and Mary Ashworth of Valley City, Ia.

John A. Thompson of Orlando, Florida is among the vacationists at this resort.

Clarence Rollins and wife and Harry Tillingford and wife of Lowell have taken a cottage in the Manchesterville district for the remainder of the season. On Wednesday evening Mrs. Rollins gave a card party, which was an exceedingly pretty affair, guests being present from Haverhill, Manchester and Boston. Five tables were devoted to a contest in bridge, and honors were bestowed upon Mrs. James Connors of Manchester. Mrs. D. E. Farquhar of Boston, Miss Edith Norris of Haverhill and Mrs. Charles Whittemore of Cambridge. The gentlemen winning honors were Herbert Ingram of Manchester, Burton Craig of Lowell, Donald Murray of Lowell and John Carmady of Lawrence.

Fred W. Collins and wife of Manchester and the Misses Russell of New York City are enjoying a motoring expedition along the north shore resorts and have been passing a few days at this resort. On Wednesday of last week they motored to Beverly, where they saw President Taft, and Thursday left for York, Me. where they have been passing a few days.

Mrs. Sarah Kimball of Rochester, who is spending the season here, has been entertaining as her guests during the week James Dunn and wife of Tamworth.

Thomas Gardner, wife and daughter Persis of Concord have arrived at this resort for a stay of several days.

George Reede of Portsmouth is included among the vacationists here for a short stay.

Thomas Foley and wife of Laconia are enjoying a few days of vacation life here.

A Suncook party, which is enjoying a rest and recreation at this resort, includes: George E. Williams and wife, E. W. Fales and wife, Miss Mattie E. Fowler and Edwin Fowler.

Work on the new breakwater is progressing at a point opposite Cutler's Hotel, where a fine piece of solid masonry and cement work is being put in, which will constitute one of the most prominent improvements of years at this resort. Another season it is intended to continue the work along the beach front near the Pelham and Hill Crest Hotels, which will greatly improve the appearance of the beach and at the same time insure it against the heavy tides of winter.

J. H. Burton and wife, Gilbert Burton and Howard Burton of Mount Vernon are rusticating for quite an extended stay at the Ocean House.

Avard L. Milbury and wife of Kensington are among the recent arrivals here.

F. L. Bodwell of Dover is included among the vacationists passing a short time at the seashore.

At the Centennial cottage the occupants for a stay of a fortnight are Mrs. A. F. Calhane, Miss Grace Calhane, John Calhane, and Miss Ella Thompson of Haverhill, Mass.

Wesley Adams and wife and J. G. Adams of Londonderry are recreating at this resort for quite an extended stay.

G.A. Quimby and wife and Lawton Quimby of Laconia are among the recent arrivals registered at the Hill Crest inn.

Henry Thomas and family of Concord are passing a few weeks at their cottage here.

John K. Morrill and wife of Dover are spending a few days at the beach as the guest of friends.

Miss Lucy Myers of Exeter is among the sojourners here for a stay of a few weeks.

V. C. Sanborn and wife and Raymond C. Sanborn of Methuen, Mass., are guests at the Janvrin for quite an extended stay.

Frank Crosby and family of Manchester are passing several weeks at their cottage here.

Augustus Cochrane of 37 Bow Street, Portsmouth, came here on the outing conducted by the Companions of the Forest, fell over the running board of an Exeter, Hampton and Amesbury car near Leavitt's hotel as the party were returning home and was badly shaken up. He was taken back to Cutler's hotel where it was seen that his injuries were not serious and he was afterwards taken to his home in Portsmouth. There were a number of bad bruises on his body but no bones were broken.

The program for the twenty-fifth annual field day of the New Hampshire State Board of Agriculture has been arranged, the meeting to be held on Wednesday, July 27, at the Convention Hall in the Casino at 10:30 o'clock. The opening address of welcome will be extended by Joseph D. Roberts, Chairman, and this will be followed by an address, "The Grange in New Hampshire," by Richard Pattee, master of the New Hampshire state grange. Aaron Jones of Indiana, past master of the national grange, will speak on "The Grange in the Country," while the closing speaker of the morning will be William E. Chandler, former United States senator, whose topic will be "Farmers Not Corporations." At noontime there will be an intermission with a basket collation, and the afternoon meeting will convene at 2 o'clock, with the opening address by Gov. Henry B. Quinby of New Hampshire, whose topic will be "New Hampshire." The next speaker on the program is to be R. A. Pearson of the New York commission of agriculture who will speak on "The Agricultural Outlook," "Organization of Agriculture" will be treated by W. M. Hayes, assistant secretary of the United States department of agriculture, whose address will bring the program to a close. There will be special musical numbers, which will contribute to the interest in the program and there is every indication that the meeting will be most successfully carried out. Joseph D. Roberts is chairman of the arrangements and N .J. Batchelder of Concord is secretary.