The Hamptons Union, May 5, 1910

Vol. II, No. 18

Hampton News

Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Littlefield spent last week in Derry and Manchester.

On Thursday evening, May 12, at the Methodist church, Rev. Raymond H. Huse, district superintendent, will deliver his lecture entitled, "Afterwards." Admission is free. The public is invited to attend. At the close of the lecture the first quarterly conference will be held.

Parker Lamprey set six hens, putting twelve eggs under each hen. Each hen hatched out eleven chickens.

A sad drowning accident occurred at the Beach last Sunday morning. Charles Walton was in some way thrown from his boat, as he was going from the Hampton river. Parties from White Rocks found the boat with the engine running. They searched for the body but were unable to find it.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Drew spent a few days at Rochester last week.

Mr. Nason, manager of the casino, and family, are at the Beach for the season.

Don't fail to hear the policemen, cadets, clowns and the choruses in the Merry Company, Wednesday evening, May 11. The little old man and little old woman in their solos and duets are all right. Don't miss them.

Quite a large party from Hampton attended the Sunday school convention in Smithtown on Tuesday.

Mrs. Irving Powers was a visitor to Boston and Melrose the first two days of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Elder, Mr. and Mrs. E. Mayland Elder and Miss May Elder from Lynnfield, Mass., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Munsey.

Miss Addie C. Marston's pupils very pleasantly remembered her birthday by gifts of flowers, birthday cards, and a complete edition of Longfellow's works.

Mrs. Maria Perkins of Newburyport was a guest of Mrs. J. A. Ross on Wednesday.

Miss Adelaide Perkins is visiting her parents, Rev. and Mrs. B. F. Perkins.

The Cemetery Association met in Mr. Jones' office on Monday and discussed the needs of a water supply in the cemetery. It was decided to secure estimates of different water systems and a report made at an adjourned meeting.

The pupils of the grammar school will produce the comic operetta, "The Merry Company," in the town hall Wednesday evening, May 11, at eight o'clock. Ice cream, cake and candy will be on sale. [Trolley] Cars run to the beach at close of entertainment. See large bills.

The Missionary society of the Congregational church were fortunate in securing Mrs. Francis Clark to address their meeting on Wednesday. The Exeter and North Hampton auxiliaries had been invited to attend the lecture and they responded in large numbers, so that the Webster chapel was stretched to its utmost capacity in order to accommodate all who came. Mrs. Clark told, in an interesting, concise and instructive manner, of her last trip around the world, pleasing and holding the close attention of her hearers.

The Seaside Sunday School meeting held in Smithtown on Tuesday was the most alive one ever held. A crowd went from Hampton and North Hampton, and on returning, an empty (trolley) car was sent for and the two were well filled. Every bit of the meeting was interesting. Mr. Roger Thompson's presence if always an inspiration, and the address by Rev. Mr. Barker of Amesbury was very fine. Mr. Barker is to exchange with Mr. Partington on Sunday next. Come and hear him. The place of meeting of the October convention was left undecided. A hearty vote of thanks was given to the Smithtown church for its hearty welcome and entertainment.

Mrs. Ina Partington has returned home from a pleasant visit with her sister.

Mrs. Warren Lane is entertaining her sister from Portland this week.

A special delivery letter was received by Miss Augusta Waters on Monday, calling her to immediate duty in the hospital, as an epidemic of scarlet fever is in that locality.

The Rev. Mr. Barker of Amesbury will preach in exchange with Mr. Partington Sunday morning, May 8.

The Experience party held in the Congregational Webster Chapel Friday evening was a great success, both socially and financially. Many devices had been resorted to in order to share the elusive dollar. They included slow starvation, over feeding, bartering, begging, automobile trip, painting, ironing and mending. After the experiences were read, ice cream and cake were sold and a social hour enjoyed. The proceeds netted the treasury forty-five dollars.

Mrs. Benjamin Jayne who has been the guest of Mrs. Charlotte Nye for the past few weeks, returned to her home this week.

We are pleased to hear that Mrs. Stickney is recovering from her operation in St. Barnabas hospital in Portland, Me.

The Rev. Mr. Jones attended a banquet in Amesbury Thursday evening.

The Monday club was delightfully entertained in the hospitable home of Mrs. E. D. Berry on Monday afternoon. As this was the annual meeting, all guests were excluded. Promptly at three o'clock, the meeting was called to order. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved, and then followed annual reports of officers. The nominating committee brought in the following names to fill the offices next year: President, Mrs. Sarah M.Lane; vice president, Mrs. Addie B. Brown; secretary, Mrs. Caroline Cole; historian, Mrs. Anna S. Ross. These officers were unanimously elected and Mrs. Florence Powers and Miss Clara Powers were appointed the calling committee. The program of the afternoon was then taken up, which consisted of music by Mrs. Nye; biblical quotations, club members, and excellent papers upon Isaac, Abraham, Jacob and Joseph, by Mesdames Perkins, Brown, Powers and Lane. Delicious refreshments were served by the hostess, closing a pleasant and profitable meeting.

Will the committee for Hampton Alumni Association remember the meeting next Friday afternoon at E. G. Cole's office at 3 o'clock.

Eld. Fim Murra, secretary and treasurer of the American Advent Mission society, will give a lecture on Mission work in China, illustrated by stereoptican views in the Advent church next Friday evening, May 6, at 7:15. All are cordially invited.

The senior class of the Hampton Academy will give their last party in the academy hall on Friday evening, May 13. An excellent program is being prepared. The proceeds of the evening are to be used to help meet the graduation expenses. A special feature of the evening will be the "fish pond." Those who have no luck at fishing are invited to try their luck at our "fish pond," which promises great things. Ice cream cones, cake and candy will be on sale. Entertainment to commence at 7:45. Admission is 15 cents.

Town's Action Sustained

At the May session of the Supreme Court of New Hampshire, now holding at Concord, the action of the town of Hampton in voting and assessing a tax for sewer construction is decided as legal. The case and decision is reported by the court as follows:

872: Rockingham. Rowe and others vs town of Hampton and others. Bill in equity, to enjoin the collection of a tax assessed for sewer construction, on the ground that the action of the town in voting and assessing the tax was illegal. In an opinion by Bingham, J., the action of the town was declared legal, and he held that the motion of the town to dismiss the bill should have been granted. The bill was dismissed.