The Hamptons Union, March 24, 1910

Vol. II, No. 12

Hampton News

The G.A.R. and Relief Corps reported a very pleasant time as guests at the Grange on Friday evening.

Miss Annie M. Cole is visiting in Eliot, Me., this week.

E. Warren Lane is having a great improvement made at his home by the addition of a piazza across the front of his house.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Perkins returned home on Wednesday, the 26th.

D. A. Munsey's mother is visiting him this week.

Thomas Sanborn has returned from a visit to his friends in Lawrence, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. George Poor returned home Sunday, after a few days at the Beach with their brother, M. W. Littlefield.

S. C. Littlefield of Dover spent Sunday at the Beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Littlefield spent a few days in Rowley, with relatives, last week.

Wanted -- A number of good men both old and young who have money and influence in whom the people have confidence who are willing to lay aside all conscientious scruples to become members of the churches in Hampton, N.H.

The Q and Q Whist club met at Mrs. E. J. Littlefield's on Saturday evening. Prizes were won by Mrs. John Cutler, Miss Edna Nudd and E. C. Brown. Refreshments were served by the hostess.

Mr. H. B. Drew, with his electric vacuum house cleaning machine finished cleaning the church carpets at the Free Baptist church Monday afternoon. Mr. Drew, with his machine, did thorough work and took twenty five pounds of dirt, dust and gravel from the carpets and floors.

Miss Lillian A. Phillips, a student at Hampton Academy, went last Friday afternoon to visit the Newmarket high school, where she began her high school courses. While in Newmarket, she was the guest of Harriet and Esther Carpenter. She returned to her home in Hampton last Monday afternoon.

The Monday club met with Mrs. Martha Locke, on the 21st. The afternoon was devoted to "Picturesque New England." Quotations by club members were by New England authors. Music consisted of two vocal duets, one being "The Pilgrim Fathers." Refreshments were served by the hostess.

Mrs. W. T. Ross is one of the latest victims of the grippe.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marston have been confined to the house the last week by severe colds.

There will be services appropriate to Easter on Sunday morning and in the evening there will be the usual Easter concert by the Sunday school which is in charge of Mrs. Freda Collin and Carrie Blake.

Mrs. Hazen C. Randall of Dorchester, Mass., is visiting in town.

Mrs. Fred S. Marston is recovering from a severe attack of the grippe.

A dance will be given in the town hall Friday night by Clinton Durant and Randall Young. Fifty cents per couple.

Mrs. John W. Nutter and Mrs. J. W. York were in town visiting their sick sisters, Mrs. E. D. Berry, Mrs. W. H. Hobbs and Mrs. Hugh Brown.

Samuel Thurlow has hired the J. W. Dearborn house, vacated by George Moore.

After being confined to the house by illness for some time, Miss Grace K. Marston has again taken up her duties in the family of Prof. Moses B. Perkins of Exeter. Next week they will leave for Salem, Mass., and after returning, will leave for Hancock Point, Me., for the summer.

At the Spring street Free Baptist church at Amesbury, Mass., of which Rev. I. S. Jones has been the pastor for nearly seven years, a parish supper and roll call was held last Tuesday evening. It was a very pleasant affair. What a supper! What a feast of good things! The pastor, Mr. Jones certainly has a firm grip on the adherents of his church. The Rev. Lincoln Phillips, pastor of the Free Baptist church at Hampton, was by invitation, the guest of Rev. I. S. Jones, The Free Baptist church at Amesbury, is surely on the up grade, struggling for victory and the right. May God richly bless Brother Jones and his flock.

Tuesday evening, under the auspices of the Ladies Aid society, "Our Church Fair," which was given in February by the Monday club, was repeated in the town hall. As late as Tuesday morning it was found that two of the ladies were unable to be present, so the parts were taken by Miss Warner of North Hampton and Mrs. Emma Young, both filling the parts so well it is a question if any in the audience could have selected the two parts that were taken on such a short notice. Home made candies, cakes and aprons found ready sale. The time intervening between the entertainment and the car running to the beach was spent in games by the young people, music being furnished by Miss Locke, piano; Ashton Lindsey, violin; Helen Hobbs, drum; and Lola Steward, tambourine.

Next Sunday will be observed as Easter Sunday. At the morning service at the Free Baptist church, the pastor, Rev. W. Lincoln Phillips, will preach an Easter sermon from I. Cor. 15:20. The ladies choir will sing a selection entitled, "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth." The Chorus choir will sing the hymns, doxology and the response. Mrs. Minny Fennell will sing an Easter solo. The Sunday school will meet at the close of the morning service. Choir rehearsal directly at the close of the Sunday school. If you have nowhere else to go, you are invited and will be welcome at the Easter services. There will be good music consisting of orchestra, songs, duets, solos, violin solo, violin duet, chorus singing and literary exercises. Mid-week prayer and social service Thursday evening at 7 p.m. Come and help us. You are needed. You will count one.

"Christ the Lord is Risen again,
Christ hath broken every chain
Hark, angelic voices cry,
Singing evermore on high.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord"

Miss Mildred Batchelder is visiting at her home in town.

Mrs. Abbie Maynard has been threatened with pneumonia the past week.