The Hamptons Union, January 6, 1910

Vol. II, No. 1

Hampton News

Miss Mattie C. Chipman has returned to her home in Somerville, after a visit to relatives in Hampton.

Mrs. Charles H. Turner and son Charles, of Boston are visiting the Southers at Cosy Corner.

Mrs. Albert Church entertained a party of friends at her home on High Street, last week Wednesday.

The conference committee of the Perkins Post and Corps held a meeting last Friday evening to make plans for the installation of officers. It was decided that it should be private, as it has been for several years.

Frank Kenniston, a popular clerk of Lane Grocery Co., will sever his connections with the firm this week, and he and his wife will leave immediately for Los Angeles, Cal. Mr. Kenniston spent a winter there two years ago and found the climate so charming compared with the rigor of our New England climate, he cannot be induced to remain here.

Cards have been received announcing the marriage of William E. Leavitt to Miss Cornelia Collins of Grand Junction, Col. They will make their home in Loma, Col, where Mr. Leavitt is engaged in fancy fruit growing.

Miss May Coffin has gone to Boston to be trained as a nurse in the Boston Homeopathic hospital. It is the hospital where her friend, Augusta Water, has nearly completed her three years' course. She writes she is enjoying the work thus far.

Miss Gratia Godfrey is spending her New Year's Vacation with her parents.

Chester N. Godfrey, wife and child were in town over Sunday.

Mrs. Benjamin Colvin returned to her home in New York City on Monday, after a stay of two weeks in town.

Walter B. Mack and wife of Boston were in town over New Years, guests of his parents.

The Union meetings in observance of the week of prayers are all being held in the Methodist church. Interesting sermons have been preached to good sized audiences. A pleasing feature on Tuesday evening was the singing of the quartette of ministers, Rev. Mr. Partington presiding at the organ.

The East Rockingham Pomona Grange will meet with the grange of this town on Wednesday, Jan. 12, at the town hall.

The What-so-ever mission circle will meet with Esther True on Saturday afternoon.

The social held at the Congregational Websster Chapel on Friday evening called out a large number of the young people. An interesting program was given first, including instrumental and vocal music. A character sketch by the Misses Julia and Harriet Locke and an infant, named George Washington, furnished the company with considerable amusement. After an abundance of refreshments of sandwiches, cake in great variety and coffee were served, a few interesting games were played.

The funeral of Mrs. Ellen Morey was held at the home of her brother, Joseph Leavitt, on Sunday afternoon. The deceased was aged 74 years and leaves two brothers and one sister.

Miss Beatrice Swett of Amesbury spent Sunday as the guest of Miss Trefethen at Elmwood farm.

Miss Jessie Greene, who has been enjoying a week's visit with her parents in Hampton Falls, was a visitor in town on Sunday, calling on friends.

Miss Sadie Bragg of Seabrook was in town on Sunday calling on friends and relatives.

Mrs. T. H. Nudd of Hampton beach is spending the New Years holidays with friends in Haverhill.

Fred S. Marston, night engineer at the Power house, is seriously ill at his home on the Exeter Road.

Mrs. Marden at Greta Hall has been enjoying a visit from her son, Ralph Marden.

Frank S. Mason and family have moved from the avenue to the Hampton house, property purchased by them last year

The engagement is announced by Mr. W. E. Merrill of North Woodstock, of his eldest daughter, Jessie Maude Merrill, to Christopher Toppan of Hampton.

Mrs. Lydia A. Dow and Isabel W. Stuart were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Watson at Nottingham over Christmas. William Watson of Andover, Mass , was also a guest.

Last Saturday, as George Marston of North Hampton was coming out of the railroad yard his horse became frightened and upset his sleigh, breaking both shafts and doing some other damage. No one was damaged.

A very interesting meeting of the Monday club was held at the home of Mrs. Pray, Mrs. Carrie Perkins entertaining there instead of at her own home on account of it being more convenient. The program was as follows: New Year thoughts, club members; paper, "What Our Dreamers Have Done," Mrs. W T. Ross; paper, "The Productions of Luther Burbank," Mrs. Coffin; current events, Mrs. Mack. Miss Elizabeth Philbrick was an invited guest. Refreshments of sandwiches, cake, and fancy crackers were served. The next meeting of the club will he a musicale, in charge of Mrs. Lane, Miss Powers and Mrs. Nye. Out of town talent is expected and an enjoyable afternoon is assured.

Mrs. Anna Ross is spending a day or two in Boston.

Several invited guests in town attended the installation of officers of the Eastern Star, at Exeter, on Wednesday evening.

After the big snow storm last week a young miss living near the depot thought she would like a little romp in the snow, so donning her father's fur coat, she went out, making believe she was Dr. Cook, making his dash for the pole. Every few minutes she would plunge headlong into the snow. When in one of these attitudes, an electric car came along, but instead of passing, as she thought of course it would, it stopped, to her dismay, and the conductor and three passengers rushed to her assistance. Mach to the chagrin of both parties the lively young miss scampered off home, deciding she would not try a game of that kind again, unless it be the First of April.

Sheldon L. Marston is confined to his home by illness.

The Baptist Womans Missionary auxiliary met in their vestry on Wednesday afternoon. The singing of our quartette of ministers was again a pleasing feature of Wednesday evenings service. We think it would be difficult to find a finer combination of consecrated men then we have in our pastors. The sermon on Wednesday evening by Rev. Ina Partington was certainly a powerful one setting forth one highest ideals of character which is found in Jesus Christ.

The Womans' Missionary auxiliary met in the Congregational chapel on Wednesday afternoon with an interesting program as follows: Missionary News, Mrs. Alfie Godfrey; The Gospel in Latin Lands, Mrs. Keene; Bethlehem and the Roman Emperor, Mrs. Lucy Marston; hymns appropriate to the New Year, Hostesses, Mrs. Addie Brown and Mrs. Frances Blanchard. A letter from Mrs. Robinson, matron of the Brewer Normal school, Georgia, was read, thanking the society for the splendid barrel of clothing and other articles sent, valued at $49. Including the value placed on two barrels of clothing, sent to Home missionaries, the sum raised by this auxiliary in the last year was $283.00.