This Week In Sports -- Part II

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By Wayne I. Elliot

Hampton Union, Thursday, January 30, 1964

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Wayne I. Elliot

Last week we commented on the trophies won in bygone days at Hampton Academy and High school. This week we would like to touch briefly on the remaining trophies which were turned back to the school last week. I am certain the few words to follow will bring back old memories to some and perhaps bring our newcomers to Hampton a little closer to our life-long residents whose names will perhaps be noted below.

There are trophies for the Southeastern B League Basketball 2nd Division winners in both 1945 and 1946. These finals were played before jam-packed houses at Phillips Exeter Academy gym. Moving up a couple of years, there is the, Hampton Lions club award presented to Hampton High School Class D football champions of 1948. Back in 1946, Hampton High school won the Wetmore trophy for public speaking in the state Declamatory contest. The honor was won for the school by Bob Jeralds with "Brothers at the Broadcast." Also, as the '40s came to a close and the first decade of action and competition at the "new" Hampton Academy and High school drew to an end, the Buccs brought home the Southeastern B League track championship trophy in 1949.

Another major item on display is the NHIAA plaque presented to the powerful 1954 Class C state football champs. One of the smaller trophies denotes 2nd place in the Small School Relays in 1957. The Buccs brought home the Southeastern B League 1951 2nd Division Basketball Tournament trophy. In 1950, a quartet of boys -- Robert Robinson, Stan Southwick, Norman Lavigne and Bernard Campbell -- brought home the Lions trophy in the half-mile relay won during the SENH track and field meet. Again in 1950, the Buccs copped the Southeastern B League 2nd Division trophy in the tournament at PEA. A year earlier, in 1949, Hampton emerged as the League Tournament Winner and added still another trophy to their laurels.

In 1953, the Buccs brought home the Track and Field Southeastern League championship trophy. A trophy representing the 1956 Freshman Relay championship of the Southeastern League was won in 1953.

There are two trophies present by the American Legion Post #35 Auxiliary to the Most Valuable Girl Basketball Player. The first trophy goes from 1944 through 1953 -- the second from 1954 through 1958. Here are the names of the girls: 1944 -- Doris Batchelder; 1945 -- Shirley Brown (Carter) ; 1946 -- Mona Flanders; 1947 -- Arlene Tobey (Ratoff) ; 1948 -- Jewel Sherburne (Brown); 1949 -- Lois Parker; 1950 -- Joanne Hobbs (Martin) ; 1951 -- Jacquelyn Hoar; 1952 - Dorothy Weeks; 1953 -- Marjorie Rice; 1954 -- Irma MacKenzie; 1955 -- Sandra Blake; 1956 -- Shirley Clark; 1957 -- Constance Jones (Bedard); and 1958 -- Alice Fishlock.

Similarly, two trophies were presented for boys basketball Most Valuable Player by the American Legion Post #35. One of the earlier trophies is still under repair. The other names are as follows: 1952 -- Steve Kuchty; 1953 -- David Lloyd; 1954 -- Ray Clark; 1955 -- John Cann and Irving Jones; 1956 - Paul Sturgis; 1957 -- Pete Johnson.

. The Alexander Sulloway Most Valuable Football Player trophy carries the following names : 1941-42 -- Eugene Keenan; 1942-43 -- William Lessard; 1943-44 -- Harold Higgins; 1944-45 -- Richard Grenier; 1945-46 -- Wayne Elliot; 1946-47 -- Eugene Heal; 1947-48 -- William_McIlveen; 1948-49 -- William Meyer; 1949-50 - Donald Brown; 1950-51 -- Bruce Aquizap.

The Joseph 0. Hobbs Memorial trophy for all around extra-curricular activities and academic work is as follows: 1941 -- John M. LaTourette, Jr.; 1942 -- Earl Blatchford ; 1943 -- Richard Blake; 1944 -- Russell A. Merrill ; 1945 -- Richard Grenier; 1946 -- Wayne I. Elliot; 1947 -- Frederick B. Russell; 1948 -- William S. McIlveen; 1949-Alan Weeks; 1950 -- Bernard W.M. Campbell; 1951 -- Carl Campbell and Murray Smith; 1952 -- P. Kendall Hobbs.

Names on the Babe Ruth Foundation Sportsmanship Award plaque given in honor of "Babe" Ruth whose contribution to American youth will live forever, are as follows: 1952 -- Donald L. Ring, Anna J. Seavey; 1953 -- Lucy O'Dea, Bernard Dunbrack; 1954 -- Jane Worden, Malcolm Graves; 1955 -- Mary Oliver, Robert Woodes; 195G -- Deborah Bourne, Loring Mills; 1957 -- Judy Osgood, Stacy Bragg; 1958 -- Joanne Lamprey, David Chevalier.

.Two remaining trophies are the Freshman SE M League Relay, won in 1957 and the award given the Hampton Academy and High school cheerleaders when they captured first place in the state in 1954.

Over the years records have been set, championships earned and won and thrilling moments captured on th e local sports scene which will go down in history. At the same time, frustrations were there but most of them have been forgotten. The thrills of the victories and the despair which came after, the losses all eventually found their ways into one melting pot with the outward product the making of young women and young men. So perhaps more important than the trophies themselves are the stories behind these trophies -- the stories which will never be told about the making of men and women, ladies and gentlemen, at Hampton Academy and High school.

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