Senior Cognomens

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By Betty-Lou Campbell

HA Script -- Class of 1952

Hampton Academy & High School

A ha! There below us we see two of our classmates. Why, if it isn't Dean Stevens and Edna O'Brien. Let's listen to what they are saying. "Don't forget the lunch basket, Edna." As they picked up their hats from the HOLWAY, they noticed the HROMADA, it said rain. However, it was a beautiful JUNE day and the sun was shining. "Which way will we go?" asked Edna. "Like Jackson once said, Go, EAST, MAN, go east," said Dean. They started for the beach. They hadn't gone very far when a man stopped them to ask how far it was to the beech. "Well," said Dean, "about two miles as the CROWE flies."

After passing a few houses and BARNS, they saw the marsh. "I wonder what kind of REED that BROWN one is?" asked Edna. (Ha. Ha. As if she expected an answer])

We next see them paying TOWLE at the beach house. Wow! Edna looked real PERK IN her bathing suit.

Our friends stood a moment and looked at the BARRON beach. Barren that is, except for the hundreds of people kicking sand into the faces of others.

They were no sooner settled when a little girl beside them said, "Look, Daddy. WATER'S coming up higher." So they had to move.

Then our friends went over to watch some men who were fishing. They were saying "SO, LARI, I haven't been able to get down because we've had so much rain for the pest few WEEKS." R SHAW, Larry, what's a few rain drops? Suddenly there was a jerk on the line. While hauling in the fish Larry exclaimed "I think you got him by the GIL, MAN."

"Yes, I did hook him by the GIL, BURT."

After a short swim, they decided to eat lunch. "What kind of sandwiches do you have?" asked greedy Dean. "Well, they're two kinds, HAM MOND eggs," said Edna.

"Say these are KEENE, Ed." "Got any MOORE?"

Sure. My, but it is getting warm. Glad we aren't down there. I bet they could do with a PYNE tree just now."

"What's for dessert?" asked Dean. "Peanut BRISTOL or MAC apples."

"Did you bring a BOOKER anything?" asked Dean. "No, I didn't."

Well, I guess I'll read the next installment of "How To Rob Brinks Successfully" by Dirty DALTON.

No sooner was our young couple settled comfortably for a bright red sunburn, when Dean jumped up and extracted a small arrow. "I got him right where . . well, I got him, "yelled a youngster. Well, it seemed two YOUNG boys were playing with a BOW'EN arrow. Dean exclaimed "There couldn't be any MO'RATTY people than those two kids."

Suddenly, he saw something in the sand. A RING. They took it to the Lost and Found department and on the way out bought a bottle of Iodine for a few little CUTTS on toes.

Edna asked Dean if he would like to walk down to the Casino. After much thought he decided he would WALKER over. Passing by the Arcade, she heard her favorite song, "the Rich MAHARajar." After buying a piece of JONNY cake, they returned to their place.

They noticed some new people who were very foreign looking had moved beside them. They couldn't help overhearing what they said, "Ve ocean, it is beautiful. SEA VEY little fish boats out on da water. DA VIS just what I would like to own someday." See how da water is raising HOBBS wit da rocks."

Our friends were next attracted by a group of sightseers who were making a pilgrim on a boat called the STE MARIE. They are going out to TRUMBULL Point.

Dean and Edna decided to take another dip. FU, GEE but it was cold. KUCH--TEY" sneezed Edna. Suddenly a wave dragged her under. When she came up, she exclaimed, "I didn't think I would be able to BUCK the waves." "I guess we better rest for awhile."

Suddenly the sky got dark and the rain began to come down. Our friends MORAL dropped. They hurriedly gathered up their things and caught the bus. It hasn't gone very far, however, when the bus broke down. With a few twists of an ALLAN wrench, which was borrowed from a nearby blackSMITH, and they were soon on their way.

They couldn't help noticing the couple in front of them. The fellow was saying to the girl, "You're my LOVE, JOY, happiness."

Suddenly the sun came out.

We leave them now talking over the day's adventure.

The end.

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