An Editorial: Organization

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By John M. Holman, Editor-in-Chief, H.A. Script

Class of 1947

Hampton Academy & High School, September 1946

What is a school without organization? A great many of us think that a school could be run just as adequately without organization, but this is far from the truth. To operate a school requires a great deal of planning on the part of the school board, the superintendent, the principal and the teachers.

Webster defines the word 'organization,' as "the act of arranging with the proper officials so as to carry out a scheme efficiently." This applies directly to the school. A school would be chaos without the scheduled routine of classes.

We cannot hope for success with out each one of us doing his part to the utmost of his ability. In co-operation there is unity and unity is the foundation of institutions.

The word 'unity' brings to mind the United Nations or World Court wherein all nations contribute their best to the common good. Without organization, nothing can be accomplished and world peace will be threatened.

And we cannot forget how organization worked out so well in the recent World War II. All the nations who thought they were right in fighting for democracy, united themselves into the group which they called the 'Allies'. And on the other side of the fence, another group loosely organized themselves in the 'Axis.' Now, which one of the two organized groups won the war? The 'Allies' did because they were united together fighting for peace among men.

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