The 1941 Hampton Academy & High School Football Team

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[Photo courtesy Norma Emery Wing '44, via Arthur Moody '53]


[Kneeling:] Earl Blatchford, Charlie Akerman, Bill ("Beep") Palmer, Parker Russell (?), Eugene ("Rocky") Keenan, Joe Ferguson (captain), Dick Blake, Milton Emery, Alcott ("Smokey") Stover, George Hackett, and Seth Junkins.

[Middle row:] Coach Alexander Sulloway, John ("Jack") Blevins, (?), Dick Grenier, John Brooks, Jack Hayes, Frank Pevear, Dick Hobbs, (?), Harold ("Sonny") Higgins, (?), Dick Higgins, Gerald Batchelder and Asst. Coach Jack Fanning.

[Back row:] Robert Waldron, Harlan Carter, Ted Batchelder, Norman Merrill, John ("Jack") Hayden (manager), Bill Jenness, (?), and Bob White

[Note: Donald Plimpton is believed to be in the photo but could not be positively identified. His name does not appear in any newspaper articles about the team that year.]

[Identification courtesy of Wayne Elliot (HA '46), Dick Chevalier (HA '45),
Earl Blatchford (HA '42) & Norman Merrill (HA '42.)]

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