The 1940 Hampton Academy & High School Football Team

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Atlantic News, Thursday, May 8, 1990

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News]

Earl H. Blatchford (HA Class of 1942) has graciously supplied the names to the players of the Hampton Academy Football team as published on May 9, 1990:

"Left to right, front row, Earl Blatchford, Cedric Dustin, Richard Carpenter(?), Joe Ferguson, Arthur Waldron, Allen Walker, Elliot Noyes, Pat Lessard, Richard Russell, Raymond Greeley, Gene Keenan, Alcot ("Smokey") Stover & Hollis Blake.

"Left to right, back row: Richard Blake, Bob White, Robert Walker, Dave GArland, John (Jack) Blevins, Harland Carter, Bill Little, Bill Palmer, John Brooks, Gerald Batchelder, Larry Murphy, George Hackett, Charlie Pierce, (unknown), Milt Emery, Robert Waldron and Coach Alexander Sulloway.

"This had to be our Junior year (1940), otherwise Dick Blake, Bob Waldron, etc., would not be on the team, as they were a year behind us. First year in new High School (now Hampton Academy Junior High School). I believe the year of the photo is 1940.

"I don't have any record of how the team did, 1941 team won State Class "B" Championship."

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