Hampton Academy Graduates, 1887-1899

Hampton Academy and High School

Members of Graduation Classes

1887 - 1899

Courtesy of the Hampton Historical Society
and Tuck Memorial Museum,
Betty Moore, Executive Director

Class of 1887

June 15, 1887


Sadie M. Hobbs
Annie E. Lamprey
C. Belle Nudd
Alice S. Weare
Grace R. Williams
Ida P. Williams
Eugene F. Nudd
Ernest G. Cole
G. Ervin Garland
Percy D. Godfrey
Howard G. Lane
Amos T. Leavitt
William E. Philbrick

Class of 1888

No Graduates

[Hampton Academy became the quasi-public High School of Hampton in 1885. The four-year curriculum of Hampton Academy and High School was initiated in September 1885. Under this new setup, there were no graduates in either June 1886 or June 1888.]

Class of 1889

June 12, 1889


Ida Mabel Lane
Abby Blanche Williams
Myra Emma Felch
Marcia Agnes Garland
Horace Greeley Batchelder
George Edwin Leighton
Myron Cushing Williams
George William Lane

Class of 1890

June 18, 1890


Katie May Batchelder
Sarah Louise Gillelan
Clarence Mason Dearborn
James Sanborn DeLancey
Herbert Mallon Green
Christopher Stephen Toppan

Class of 1891

June 17, 1891


Ella Josephine Hobbs
Lucy Mayo Warner
Emma Dorcas Shelton

Class of 1892

June 15, 1892


Ada Payne
Martha Lawrence Joplin
Winifred May Atkinson
Frank Sherwood Gillelan
Richard Barker Shelton
Warren Carlton Lamprey
William Boynton Brown

Class of 1893

June 14, 1893


Isabelle Theodate Hobbs
Winifred May Atkinson, '92
Emma Dorcas Shelton, '91
Richard Barker Shelton, '92

Class of 1894

June 13, 1894


Edith Austin Gillelan
Frances Mae James
Sarah Belle Lane
Mabel Harriet Palmer
Elizabeth Flora Philbrick
Lillian Thayer Sanborn
Abbie March Toppan
Edith Wingate
Henry White Godfrey
Henry Wilson Green
Lauris Elwood Jenness
Elmer Guy Lane
Everett Prescott Sanborn

Class of 1895

June 19, 1895


Margaret Jane Cockburn
Grace Kopper Gillelan
Flora Yeaton Joplin
Ethel Attilla Marston
Emma Louise Taylor
William Brown
Chester Noyes Godfrey
John Alexander Ross

Class of 1896

June 19, 1896


Warren Harrison Hobbs
"The graduating exercises of the Academy and High school were this evening (June 19, 1896) held in the Town Hall, which was attractively decorated with streamers of pink and light blue, flags and wild flowers and ferns. Special care had been bestowed upon the stage, above which was displayed the class motto, "Fervet Opus," ('The Work Is In Full Progress').

"By a peculiar combination of causes in a class which at its entrance numbered 20 and which last year contained eight members there was left to graduate but one, Warren Harrison Hobbs, of this town. He may enter Phillips Exeter next year.

"As usual the attendance was very large, fully taxing the capacity of the hall. The exercises began at eight o'clock with the usual procession up the central aisle of scholars, teachers, school board and speakers, led by the marshals, Walter Brown and Henry Hobbs. The school took the seats reserved at the front of the hall. The school authorities and participants ins the exercises ascended the stage.

"After a selection by the orchestra, composed of Mr. Fred Nutter, Chelsea, Mass., violin; Mr. C. L. Akeley, Exeter, cornet; and Mrs. Howard G. Lane, piano, prayer was offered by Rev. D. W. Downs, of the Methodist Church. Then came four declamations -- "Maid of Orleans," Arthur L. Young; "Kate Shelley," Annie P. DeLancey; "Miss Edith Helps Things Along," Belle Kelton; "Aux Italiens," Ella M. Atkinson. These and all following declamations were well and spiritedly given, with the case of delivery and the perfect enunciation characteristic of like occasions at the Academy and the result of Mrs. Harris' intelligent instruction. Music followed, and then Edward J. Brown declaimed "Self Reliance;" Annie M. Fogg, "Automatic Cradle;" and Annie M. Page, "Fate of Virginia." Music was followed by two more declamations, "Breathless Glory," by Winfield M. Hobbs, and "Spinning Wheel Song," by Josephine Joplin. Mrs. Hobbs then gave the valedictory. Starting with the proposition that a straight line can be drawn between two points, he took for his subject the class motto and spoke earnestly and well upon progress, which should be taught in all things. The valedictory proper was of the conventional type -- appropriate words of parting from schoolmates, teachers and school authorities, Mr. HObbs excellently acquitted himself. The exercises closed with music; an excellent address on "Domestic Aids" by Prof. Joseph Kimball, of Andover, Mass., and the presentation of diplomas by President Merrill.

"The graduates' reception which has customarily been given on the evening after commencement will be omitted this year."        E.

{From the Friday, June 19, 1896, Exeter NEWS-LETTER; of the 71 classes which were graduated from H.A. & H.S., only one, the Class of 1896, did not have a printed program.}

Class of 1897

June 16, 1897


Etta Colby Blake
Isabella Bland Leavitt
Annie Marilla Page
Edna Cheney Gill
Arthur Lawrence Young
Winfield Morris Hobbs
Edward Jacob Brown

Class of 1898

June 15, 1898


Ella Elizabeth Atkinson
Annie Pearl DeLancey
Anna Leavitt Gookin
Josephine May Joplin
Belle Helen Kelton
Mary Chase Toppan

Class of 1899

June 14, 1899


Mary S. Brown
Annie M. Fogg
Henry B. Hobbs
Elizabeth Reynolds

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