Crown King and Queen at Hampton Beach Program

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Exeter Couple Receive Royal Honors at Brilliant
Mardi Gras Attended by Thousands of People

The Union, Manchester, N.H., Friday, September 10, 1926

(Special To The Union)

The Mardi Gras King and Queen -- 1926
HAMPTON, Sept. 10. -- Amid a spectacle of royalty, purple robes, speckled with confetti and emblazoned by powerful arc lights, Miss Marion Gilmore of Exeter was crowned queen, and William Cooper of Exeter king, at the 12th annual Mardi Gras of Hampton Beach tonight.

Resplendent in their robes of high honor, they were each crowned by the hand of King Neptune, Edward J. Uhlig of Manchester, who conferred upon their brows the crowns of emblematic of their high positions.

Many States Represented

Thousands attended the Mardi Gras which drew entrants from Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire, with the coincidence that Miss Gilmore and Mr. Cooper, from the same place, were chosen as king and queen.

The grand parade, which preceded the coronation ceremonies,proceeded from the Hotel Ashworth to a specially constructed stand on the beach, where all of the ceremonies took place.

By the side of the King and Queen stood the Prince and Princess, and James Kelley of Lawrence, Mass., and Hazel Armington of Nashua. Both were awarded second place in the royal contest.

The Queen's ladies-in-waiting were Miss Madlynne Sherwood of Haverhill, Mass., Miss Mary Meanus of Lawrence, Mass., and Miss Mary Carr of Hampton Beach. The pages were Donald Taylor, Kenneth Taylor, Charles Rowell, all of Hampton Beach and Arthur Mullen of Somersworth.

Royal Scene Complete

The royal scene was complete with the presence of the court jester, Bernard Heffener of Boston.

The royal scene was complete with the presence of the court Jester, Bernard Heffener of Boston.

Miss Mildred Dudley, representing winter, was awarded first prize for the prettiest costume with Patsy Chase of Lowell, Mass., second. For unique costumes, Miss Florence Rowe of Brookline, Mass., and Chester Chapin of Boston, were awarded first and second places.

An individual prize was awarded to William Hayes of Roxbury, Mass., and Cyril Johnston of Newton, Mass., who represented a bride and bridegroom. Second was given to Jack Burgess of Holyoke, Mass.

The judges were Mrs. Mary F. Blanchet of Brookline, Mass., formerly of Manchester, and G. Sumner Fall of Hampton Beach.

The carnival will end tomorrow with the feature event being the contest for the best decorated well known light automobile. Prizes will be given for the car oldest and youngest in years, the first car to arrive at the park after midnight, and the car with the most people in it, etc.

Miss Marion Gilmore Hampton Beach Queen

Exeter, New Hampshire

The Union, Friday, September 10, 1926

Special to The Union

EXETER, Sept. 10 -- Miss Marion Gilmore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William D. Gilmore of Prospect street, was today, the recipient of many congratulations on being the first Exeter girl to win the Queen of Hampton Beach Carnival honor. Miss Gilmore is well known and popular with her many friends.

Miss Gilmore Queen of Mardi-Gras

Carnival at Hampton Beach Marked Success

The Boston Globe, Friday, September 10, 1926

Special Dispatch to the Globe

Marion Gilmore
Marion Gilmore
HAMPTON BEACH, Sept 10. -- The 12th annual Mardi-Gras, held under the auspices of the Hampton Beach Chamber of Commerce, was brought to a close tonight with thousands of people congregating here. A beautiful September evening, together with dancing, singing and battles of music, made the event a huge success.

The Mardi-Gras practically closes the season and the final event of it was the crowning of Miss Marion Gilmore, daughter of Mr and Mrs William D. Gilmore of Exeter, as the queen of the carnival. King Neptune, represented by Edward J. Uhlig of Manchester, officiated at the ceremony. William Cooper, also of Exeter, was crowned king, while Miss Hazel Armington of Nashua, who finished second in the carnival contest which ended last night, and James Kelley of Lawrence, were crowned princess and prince respectively

Those installed by King Neptune as ladies in waiting were Miss Madeline Sherwood of Brookline, Miss Mary McManus of Lawrence, Arthur Mullen of Somersworth, Donald Langley and Charles Rowell, both of Hampton Beach. The court jester was Bernard Heffener of Boston, Mass.

Besides this feature of the evening there was a parade in which more than 1000 participated. Miss Mildred Dudley of Hampton Beach, representing Winter, won the first prize for the prettiest costume in the parade and the second prize was awarded to Miss Patsy Chase of Lowell.

Miss Florence Gage of Brookline, won first prize for the most unique costume, and Chester Chapin of Boston the second prize. Special prizes were also awarded to William Hayes of Roxbury, Mass. and, Cyril Johnston of Newton, who were costumed as “Bride and Groom.”

The judges were Mrs M. F. Blanchet, Brookline, Mass, and G. Sumner Fall of Hampton Beach.

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