Chapter 21 photographs

Chapter 21 Photographs

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Public Schools

by Richard N. Livingstone

Building for Education

(Note: Page numbers are from Mr. Randall's book.)

Page 738: Rare stereo view of Hampton Academy, before 1883, when it was located on Academy Green, the original Meeting House Green. In the lower left corner is the Hotel Whittier, then called the Union House. Courtesy Edwin L. Batchelder, Jr.

Page 740: Principal Jack Sanborn of Hampton Academy with teachers Anna Cole and Sarah Neal Harris. Composite photo from The Granite Monthly, July 1896.

Page 741: The Centre School, 1950s. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 742: The old and the new Hampton Academy, June 16, 1940. Courtesy Ansell Palmer.

Page 742: Aerial view over High Street looking across Winnacunnet Road to Tuck Field, 1920s. Note town dump on High Street behind Hampton Academy. Courtesy Lorraine King Brown.

Page 746: The newly built Winnacunnet High School. Courtesy MHGMHA.

The Education

Page 751: East End School, 1904. Front row, left to right: Lottie Lamprey, Charles Hewitt, Martha Moulton, Henrietta Nudd?, Sadie Sherburne?, and Gladys Lamprey. Second row: Theodore Lamprey, George Rood?, Victor Garland, Oscar Garland, Bury Nichols, Lloyd Coffin, Paul Nudd, and Ashton Lamprey. Third row: Otis Raymond Garland, John Nudd, Lee Lamprey, Bert Lamprey, Robert Lindsey, Willard Nudd, Guy Garland, and Flora Johnson. Fourth row: Willard Shelton, Oscar Pevear, Marvin Young, Marion Garland, Annie Jackson, Zaida Coffin, Hazel Leavitt, and Doris Fogg. Garland Homestead in the background. Courtesy Barbara Garland Woods.

Page 753: North End School (in Blakeville), with teacher Etta C. Blake. The girls are Sarah Blake, Adelaide Towle, Grace Lane, and Helen Barbour. The boys are Arnold Godfrey, Russell Perkins, Forrest Blake, Harold Blake, Lester Perkins, Lewis Blake, Ralph Perkins, and Myron Blake. Courtesy Leston Perkins.

Page 754: Belle Hobbs (Colvin) and her East End School class, ca. 1900. From right to left, front row, are: Blanche Morrill (Olson), Amos Redman, Vrylena Gill (Olney), Mildred Brown (Stowe), Ethel Nudd (Haselton), and Clinton Berry. Second row: Bill Spinney, Byron Redman, Albert Brown, Jessie Moulton, Pauline Brown (Garland, Wright), Florence Brown (Lamprey), Roscoe Palmer, and Monroe Lamprey, Charles Palmer, and Everett Nudd. Third row: Hale Lamprey (hiding his face), Eugene Leavitt, Alice Lamprey (Niles), Ruth Leavitt (Palmer), Dorothy Gookin (Oliver), Leora Phibrick (Bristol), Viola Nudd (Bragg), Blanche Proctor, Forrest Mason, Lucy Redman (Brown), and Mamie Redman (Higgins). Hiding just behind the teacher's right arm is Bessie Redman (Kierstead). Courtesy Robert Nudd.

Page 756: Graduating eighth-grade class, Hampton Grammar School, 1916. Left to right, front row: Wilbur Norton, Stillman Hobbs, Wheaton Lane, Marion Thompson, Mabelle Perkins, Lucy Lamprey, Marion Nudd, Curtis Donnell, Marlon Noyes, and John Perkins. Back row: Doris McNeil, teacher, Clayton Johnson, William Dewhurst, Oscar Batchelder, Clarence Philbrook, Mary Pollard, principal, Parker Small, Osgood(?) Garland, Wallace Drysdale, and Philip Sterns. Courtesy Stillman Hobbs.

Page 757: Hampton Junior High, grade 8, 1921. Front row, left to right: Myrle Ring, Hazel Shaw, Katherine Gookin, Alice Wenzel, Gladys Gilpatrick, Etta Towle, and Ralph Gilmore. Second row: Iantha Hawbolt, Mildred Thompson, Alzena Leavitt, Barbara Johnson, and Esther Scott. Third row: William Stenstream, Oliver Akerman, Donald Munsey, and Russell Hobbs. Fourth row: Ralph Johnson, Philip Howe, Mrs. Martha White, teacher, and John White. Fifth row: Harry Lantz, Roger Thurlow, and Thayer Edgerly. Courtesy Ronnie Akerman.

Page 759: Hampton Academy musicians who went to the All New England Orchestra Festival, 1929. Left to right: Constance Tobey, Kirby Higgins, Caroline Philbrook, Robert Mace, Ellsworth Brown, Richard Munsey, and Wilma Toppan. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 760: Third- and fourth-grade classes, Centre School. First row: Carl Bragg and Pauline Raymond. Second row: Raymond Osborn, Ustina Simons, and Frances Marelli. Third row: Frederick Butler, William White, Ralph Collins, and Winslow Fogg. Fourth row: Frank Curtis, Florence Tufts, Edith Emery, Mabel Woodburn, and Leston Perkins. Fifth row: Merton Greeley, Dorothy Bell, Dana Stenstream, Marion Moore, and Edgar Locke (peeking). Standing: Howard Hobbs, Leonard Blake, Earl James, Frank Newton, Leroy Hamilton, Thelma Page, Margaret Clough, Wayne Higgins, Rowena Purdy, Leon Mace, Esther Ferrer, Clifford James, Pearl Woodburn, Polly Olney, and Donna Brown. Courtesy Leston Perkins. Identified by Carl C. Bragg.

Page 762: Centre School class of 1931 with teacher Miss Mary Pollard. Front row, left to right: Helen Bolton, Phyllis Davis, Francis ?, and Virginia Sprague. Second row: Polly Olney, Mabel Woodburn, Edith Emery, and Marion Moore. Third row: Leston Perkins, Josephine Akerman, Dorothy Bell, and Walter Sturgis. Standing: ?, William White, Merton Greeley, Leonard Blake, Arthur Fellows, Richard Simons, Carl Bragg, Dana Stenstream, Frank Newton, Frederick Butler, John Cram, and Leroy Hamilton. Courtesy Leston Perkins. Identified by Carl C. Bragg.

The People

Page 767: Adeline Copeland Marston with students Allan Stanwood, Marsha Langley, Wendell C. Ring, and Robert Cushman (Cushing?). Courtesy Madeline Nudd.

Mirror of Society

Page 777: Sarah H. Lane (1868-1945), at left, and Lucy A. Marston (1848-1935) were active in many community organizations. From the Old Home Week Chronicle, August 30, 1904.
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