Name Changes Posted For 21 Local Streets

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Hampton Union, Thursday, October 31, 1963

Effective April 1, 1964, the names of 21 Hampton streets will officially receive new names.

Hampton selectmen this week released the names of 21 streets which have received final approval for changing. Town Manager Kenneth Boehner said that the list as released represents approximately 99 per cent of the street name changes to be made under the present change over.

In the following paragraphs, as a word of explanation, the first name as given will be the present name (old name); the second name will be the approved new name; and the third item will be the reason the new name was chosen or the source from whence it has come.

The complete list of changes is as follows:

Drakeside and Towle Road; Towle Farm Road; Dow History-Towle Farm.

Brown Avenue; Swain Court; Property Owner.

King's Avenue; Tuck Road; Amos Tuck.

King's Avenue Extension (off King's Avenue); Cogger Street; Resident.

Little River Road (off Mace Road); Souter Road; 1841 Map.

Woodland Road (Mill Road to Stan Brown); Black Swamp Road; Old name.

Locke Lane (Locke Lane to Pratt Land); Laurel Lane; Request of Residents.

Locke Lane Ext. (Lambritt Acres); Edgewood Drive; Request of Residents.

North Shore Blvd. (from Winnacunnet Road North); Ocean Boulevard, North.

Birch Street (Surfside); Hemlock Street; Name streets in area for trees.

Boar's Head Ext. (Surfside); Spruce Street; Name streets in area for trees.

Seaview Street; Ash Street; Name streets in area for trees.

Landing Terrace; Fogg Lane; Association Test.

Towle Avenue (Beach); Anchor Street; Association Test.

Ross Acres; Fuller Acres; Property owner.

Highland Street; Lyons Street; Property owner.

Nudd Terrace; Kentville Terrace; Request of residents.

Sunset Road; Page Lane; Association Test.

Exeter Avenue; Epping Avenue; Name streets in area for towns.

Brown Street; Shaw Street; Name streets in area for Selectmen.

Tuck Lane; Cuss Lane; Veteran.

The selectmen have given the April 1 date as the official changeover time to allow homeowners, property owners, business persons and others what they feel is ample time to make the necessary adjustment in the many areas which will be involved including mailing addresses, telephone addresses and others.

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