Hampton Beach Cleaners Through The Years

Hampton Beach Cleaners -- Ca. 1930s
Front row L. to R.: George (Bud) Bushway, Albert Morse, Kenneth Ross, Fred Lorenz, Victor Grandmaison, Jack Walsh, Tom Cogger , ______, Ben Butler, Nap Demara, James Tucker, Sr.
On stage, extreme left, Raymond Sturgis, extreme right, Irving "Soup" Campbell. [Identification courtesy Betty Moore, HHS & Tuck Museum.]

Hampton Beach Clean Up -- c. 1953

Photo by Glen Dalton; Courtesy Loring K. Mills

Left to right: John Filocamo, Elmer King, Glen Dalton, Fred Sherburne, Malcolm Graves, Raymond Clark, Larry Hannon, George Strout, Loring Mills & David Lloyd. Circa 1953. Elmer King's Beach Crew in front of Maintenance Shed at Hampton Beach parking lot.

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