A Photographic Journey via 'Smokey Joe' Railroad

"The Little Railroad At Rocky Nook"

North Hampton, N.H., circa 1940s & 50s.

[Photos courtesy Lloyd Graves, North Hampton, NH]

Compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer
Lloyd & Malcolm Graves and Engineer Peter Lamie -- No. 1
No. 2a
No. 2b
No. 2c

No. 03a

No. 03b

No. 04a

No. 04b

No. 05

No. 06a

No. 06b

No. 06c

No. 07a

No. 07b

No. 08a

No. 08b

No. 09a

No. 09b

No. 10a

No. 10b

No. 11a

No. 11b

No. 12a

No. 12b

No. 12c

No. 13a

No. 13b

No. 14a

No. 14b

No. 15a

No. 15b

No. 15c

No. 17b

Smokey Joe Railroad after the hurricane in the 50's.

No. 16

No. 16a