That Little Train, a poem by Ernest L. White, 1946

That Little Train

Ernest L. White, 1946

Owner & Engineer Peter Lamie
stoking the boiler

Just a little thing, but folks it did thrill,
About three feet high, and didn't climb hills,
Folks touring New England even from a hundred miles away,
Came to ride this miniature steam train on a set aside day.

Chugging around its hundred feet of track,
Through a pine grove, it safely came back,
Grown-ups couldn't resist this exact replica ride,
Of iron, brass trimmed; the ride's cost, all could provide.

A cow-catcher was on front, as on all trains,
With coal tender and coal shovel used again and again,
This model had a bell, safety gauge and whistle that blew,
Burned a combination of coal and coke, for its thousand foot debut.

Cars would seat ten smiling faces on leaving the station,
The Rocky Nook Railroad is replaced by hot top accumulation,
But memory of its eleven running years,
Brings back memories, much in arrears.

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