A Gardener's Calendar -- November & December

November 1974

The leaves are down and all the trees are bare,
The wind blows cold and snow is in the air.

What to do this month:
Finish all planting of trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs.
Complete fall clean-up of gardens.
Continue to set tulips until ground freezes.
Protect evergreens from winter snows.
Apply mulch to roses and other shrubs.
Fill window boxes with evergreens. Yews stay green longer.
Keep newly-set shrubs watered till ground freezes.
Improve soil by plowing under coarse organic matter.
Feed birds.
Rest your Christmas cactus until the middle of the month.

December 1974

The snow is lightly falling, no feathered warbler. sing,
And flowers are soundly sleeping and await the call of spring.

What to do this month:
Catch up on horticulture reading.
Subscribe to a garden magazine.
Wash broad-leaved house plants occasionally.
Start amaryllis bulbs when growth is evident.
Keep Christmas cactus watered.
Plant seeds of grapefruit or orange in sandy soil.
Make a terrarium.
Include potted plants, bulbs, seeds, etc. in your Christmas list.
Give gifts of garden magazine subscriptions, tools, books and gloves.

Have a Happy Holiday!

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