A Gardener's Calendar -- May & June

May 1974

Laughing May arrives with burgeoning bower
Of rainbow hues, in bursting bud and flower.

What to do this month:
Keep a garden log.
Prune early flowering shrubs when through blooming.
Plant dahlia tubers.
Cultivate and weed vegetables.
Pinch back chrysanthemums.
Set plants in window boxes.
Plant more vegetable seeds and annuals.
Watch out for insect infestation. Take prompt action.
Sow seeds of perennials and biennials.
Thin out beets and carrots in row to give more room to grow.

June 1974

On zephyr breezes enters lovely June,
When everything with nature is in tune.

What to do this month:
Put house plants out doors.
Set bedding plants in borders (geraniums, begonias, fuchsias).
Sow annual seeds where they are to grow.
In vegetable garden, re-plant where earlier crops have been harvested.
Make a simple patio with bricks or slate.
Pick faded blossoms from annuals and perennials.
Pinch back chrysanthemums.
Mulch where needed.
Build up compost heap.
Keep lawns mowed low till hot weather.
Enjoy this perfect weather. Relax on patio.

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