A Gardener's Calendar -- March & April

March 1974

The days grow long, the sun climbs high,
All nature shouts that spring is nigh.

What to do this month:
Start hotbeds.
Bring up tubers of begonias and start in peat moss.
Plant trees and shrubs as soon as frost is out of the ground.
Start a compost heap in secluded corner of garden.
Gradually uncover spring-blooming bulbs.
Plant sweet peas as early as possible. Soak before planting.
Re-pot house plants which have outgrown their containers.
Make leaf cuttings of African violets. Take slips from house plants.
Attend the Flower Show.
Plan your garden on paper.

April 1974

April, with her showers, then sunny skies,
Wakes up her flower children, bids them rise.

What to do this month:
Rake lawns.
Set out shrubs.
Remove earth mounds from roses. Prune and feed.
Fertilize evergreens with old manure.
Sow seeds of peas on the 19th.
Make an herb garden using wagon wheel.
Uncover perennial border. Add mulch to compost.
Plant a tree on Arbor Day.
Plant seed of hardiest vegetables, spinach, radish, lettuce.
Prune privet hedges and feed.

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