A Gardener's Calendar -- July & August

July 1974

When farmers mow and rake and stack their hay,
And bird song stills, and katydid, hold sway.

What to do this month:
Stop pinching back mums the middle of the month.
Divide and reset bearded iris.
Water garden in prolonged dry spell.
Cultivate to control weeds or mulch.
Continue adding to compost (grass clippings, vegetable tops, etc.).
Give rhubarb a top dressing of manure.
Continue to remove faded blossoms to encourage further growth.
Make your last planting of gladioli early this month. Feed roses.
Plant second crop of vegetables (beans, carrots, turnips, endive).

August 1974

The stage is set for fall, the cricket sings,
September waits a-tip-toe in the wings.

What to do this month:
Sow pansy seed if not done last month.
Cut back perennials, lift, divide and replant.
Plant iris rhizomes now.
Construct a rock garden.
Keep roses watered.
Pick strawflowers for dried arrangements.
Take slips from geraniums for new plants.
Keep a box of sand for rooting cuttings of various plants.
Harvest onions when tops turn brown.
Oriental poppies can be moved now.

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