A Gardener's Calendar -- January & February

January 1974

The snow lies deep on field and tree and lake
Piled high, like frosting on a birthday cake.

What to do this month:
Water house plants well if in active growth.
Install humidifier or place containers of water among plants to maintain humidity.
Inspect stored bulbs-and tubers in cellar. Sprinkle lightly to prevent drying out.
Go over garden tools. Paint metal parts with crankcase oil to prevent rust.
Read a good garden book or two.
Send for seed catalogs. Study and make out and send seed order early.
Cut sprigs of blossoming shrubs or trees for forcing indoors.
Feed the birds. Give bird seed, suet, apple (halved), bread crumbs, pie crust.
Brush snow from evergreens.
Construct plant shelves for extra plants. Attach to window sill.

February 1974

February, month of fewer days,
Who launches signs of spring along her ways.

What to do this month:
Prune late blooming shrubs.
Prune grape vines.
Prune trees with saw. Paint wound.
Start slow-germinating annuals indoors the last of month.
Walk in woods. Look for skunk cabbage, bluebirds, ground hogs.
Bathe house plants in bath tub or under tap. Make bird houses.
Bring up achimenes tubers from cellar and pot up.
Cut back some house plants, impatiens, coleus, begonias.
Keep bird feeders full. Supply water.

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