Hampton Academy & High School Band, ca. 1946-47

Location: Possibly Gloucester, Massachusetts
at Music Festival

HA&HS Band
Hampton Academy & High School Band -- Ca. 1946-47
Location: possibly Gloucester, Mass. (Music Festival)
(Front row, l. to r.:) Majorettes: Pauline Moore, Carlene Wise, Doris Miller and Dorcas Smith.

(Middle Row, l. to r.:) Frank Moody, Fred Russell, Roger Hammond, John Calvin Emery, Bob Jeralds, Donald Munsey, Leslie Brown, Richard Dearborn and Eileen Janvrin.

(Back row, l. to r.:) Earl Midgley, Carl Perkins, Alfred Casassa, George O'Brien, John Holman, Allen "Bud" Palmer, Jackie Brooks, and (?).