Hampton Historical Society and the Tuck Museum

Established 1925


Hampton Historical Society website
A variety of information on the Society and the Tuck Museum, along with some excellent online exhibits
Tuck Museum video
View a video tour of the many buildings of the Tuck Museum complex, filmed during the Town's 375th anniversary in 2013.
Presidents of the Hampton Historical Society , 1924 - 2005
Compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer, Lane Memorial Library
HHS celebrates grand opening of new research center
Hampton Union, November 3, 2015
Historical Society celebrates 90 years
Hampton Union, July 21, 2015
The millionaire, the minister, and the museum
Hampton Union, June 30, 2015
Pig Roast a Hampton Tradition
Hampton Union , September 4, 2012
Historic Drakeside Road Barn
Newspaper accounts of the Historical Society's efforts to save an old historic barn on Drakeside Road and move it to the site of the Tuck Museum
Tuck Museum preserves the history and heritage of Hampton
Rye Reflections, January 2009
Founders Park map and stones
Includes images of all the stones
Beach Cottage Finds Home Away From Home
Atlantic News , August 18, 2006
A Story of Hampton Beach Almost Gone: Tuck Museum Unveils 1930s Tourist Cabin
Hampton Union , August 12, 2008
Hampton and Hampton Beach Illustrated Postcard History Book:
{Stories on the book published by Historical Society members Elizabeth Aykroyd and Betty Moore}
Hampton History In Pictures
By Scott E. Kinney, Atlantic News , August 19, 2005
Hampton and Hampton Beach: A Postcard History
Seacoast Scene , August 3, 2005
It's All In The Postcards - Women Compile Hampton history
Hampton Union , August 2, 2005
Step Back Into History at the Tuck Museum
By Betty Gagne, Seacoast Scene , June 15, 2005
Founders Day
1638 - October 14 - 2004
Hampton Historical Society Celebrates Tuck Museum Improvements -- July 25, 2004
Hampton Historical Society's 1995 Calendar
The Tuck Museum Keeps History Alive
By Steve Haberman, The Portsmouth Herald , June 19, 1989
Rev. Jones Gave Hampton A Park
By Brendan DuBois, Hampton Union , May 25, 1983
Some 4th of July Stuff
By Vern Colby, Seacoast Scene , June 29, 1982
Tuck Memorial Museum
Memorabilia, Hampton's 'Witch' "Goody Cole", and the whole story behind "The Lady of the Sea", By Vern Colby, Seacoast Scene , July 13, 1981
The Tuck Memorial Museum in Hampton
By Susan B. Johnson, Public Occurrences , July 26, 1974
Hampton's Tuck Memorial Museum - 1925
By John M. Holman, Tuck Museum Curator -- 1970-1983
Historic Hampton Remembers Its Past - 1925
By John M. Holman, Tuck Museum Curator -- 1970-1983
October 14 -- Founders Day -- 1638
By John M. Holman, Tuck Museum Curator -- 1970-1983
Dedicates First Commemorative Plate To Mrs. Richard Montgomery
By John M. Holman, Tuck Museum Curator -- 1970-1983 , Hampton Union , July 21, 1971
Hampton's Tuck Memorial Museum - 1925
By John M. Holman, Tuck Museum Curator -- 1970-1983