Old Town Hall Demolition Underway

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By Kyle Stucker, Editor

Hampton-NorthHamptonPatch.com, Thursday, September 29, 2011

A backhoe digs into the rubble on September 26th. Photo by William Teschek

Crews will continue to remove Hampton's former governmental home today and tomorrow.

Crews finished tearing down the front portion of old Town Hall in Hampton on Wednesday. The demolition will continue today.Credit Kyle Stucker Photos (8)Photos Credit Kyle Stucker Credit Kyle Stucker Credit Kyle Stucker Credit Kyle Stucker Credit Kyle Stucker Credit Kyle Stucker CreditCreditAdd your photos & videos Demolition crews are roughly halfway through tearing down Hampton old Town Hall, and town officials are hoping work is completed by the end of the week.

Town Manager Fred Welch called the partially-destroyed building a "nuisance" and said he hoped workers are able to "very quickly" finish the demolition so there are no safety issues or injuries to children playing in the area.

"I certainly hope it's finished by the end of the week," said Welch. "I have my prayer rug out."

Despite safety concerns, there have been no problems or injuries at the site, which is located at 136 Winnacunnet Road in close proximity to the town's five schools and its public library.

Welch said this is likely because of added police presence during before and afterschool times, as well as directed patrols and added fencing around the building.

The demolition of the old Town Hall, which has been unused and deteriorating for nearly 12 years, was authorized at this year's town meeting, and selectmen accepted last week a $22,000 bid for the work.

Crews began on the front portion of the building Monday after utilities were fully disconnected. Welch said the work slowed when crews had to tear through the old vault and heavy concrete in that portion of the building, and he said it's possible the work could progress more quickly today.

Welch said the old safes will be salvaged and sold at auction.

Once the building is razed and debris is hauled off the site, the contractor will use material stored at the town's Department of Public Works to fill the hole, said Welch.

At that time, the ground will be leveled, compacted, loamed and seeded, and Welch said the ground will "be solid and just like original earth" at that time and should pose no safety risks.

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