The New Boar's Head Hotel at Hampton Beach Nearly Destroyed

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Disastrous Fire

The Hamptons Union, Thursday, October 30, 1908

New Boar's Head Hotel, Hampton Beach, N.H.
[Post Card photo not in original newspaper article.]

A disastrous fire, discovered at 7 O'clock Friday evening, quickly consumed the New Boar's Head, a summer hotel at Hampton Beach, of which James Fuller of Amesbury Mass. was lessee.

The house was closed for the winter, but was visited Friday by its lessee.

The house, which stood at the base of Boar's Head, was built about sixty years ago and was long known as the Granite House. It was leased and renamed by the late Stebbins H. Dumas upon the burning of his noted Boar's Head house on the summit of the head. Under Mr. Fuller's management, it has especially catered to automobile parties. Three seasons ago it was the headquarters of the New Hampshire Automobile club.

The beach hydrant services could not avert the destruction of the house, which with most of its contents burned like a veritable tinder box. The loss is estimated at $12,000 or more, insurance unknown.

Friday night an automobile party of ten was having a dinner there, when a neighbor rushed in, shouting that the building was on fire. All the guests and the family of J. H. Fuller, manager of the hotel, and the servants made their escape uninjured, although some of them lost articles of clothing. Part of the furnishings of the hotel were saved. The cause of the fire is unknown but it started apparently from the chimney of the kitchen range. The total loss on the building and furnishings will exceed $15,000, part of which is covered by insurance. The building was owned by E. J. Butler trustees of Boston and has been occupied by Mr. Fuller for the last six years.

Streams connected with the standpipe belonging to the Hampton Water Company, at the rear of the hotel, prevented the entire destruction of the building.

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