Joseph Dow's History of Hampton: QUEEN ANNE'S WAR, 1702-1713 -- PART II

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QUEEN ANNE'S WAR, 1702-1713 -- PART II

The list of Hampton men, with time of service at the fort, follows:
May 18 to June 1
Anthony Crosby
John French
John Hobbs
Christopher Palmer
Jonathan Philbrick
Christopher Pottle
John Wedgwood

June 1 to June 15
Moses Blake
Joseph Brown
Seth Fogg
John Gove
Isaac Green
Daniel Lamprey
William Marston

June 15 to June 29
John Brown
Ebenezer Gove
William Lunt
John Perkins

June 29 to July 13
Jacob Brown
William Brown
Timothy Knowles
Christopher Page
John Sanborn
Richard Taylor

July 13 to July 27
Israel Blake
Benjamin Cram
Daniel Lamprey
Stephen Palmer
Caleb Perkins
Zachariah Philbrick
Jonathan Taylor

July 27 to August 10
Timothy Blake
Abraham Brown
Benjamin Hilliard
Benjamin James
John Lunt
Benjamin Green
John Green
Thomas Marston

Samuel Palmer
Stephen Palmer
August 10 to August 24
Thomas Batchelder
John Garland
Samuel Melcher
David Moulton
Joseph Palmer
Thomas Philbrick

August 24 to September 7
James Carr
James Chapman
Philemon Dalton
Thomas Haines
Abraham Libbey
William Norton
Israel Shepard
Samuel Tilton

September 7 to September 21
Jacob Clifford
Josiah Dow
John Garland
Abraham Libbey
Thomas Marston
Isaiah Philbrick
Caleb Swaine
David Tilton

September 21 to October 5
John Dow
Thomas Leavitt
Stephen Sanborn
Willliam Sanborn

October 5 to October 19
John Berry
Robert Moulton

October 6 to October 19
Thomas Dow
Benjamin Perkins

October 19 to November 1
John Cram
Samuel Dow
Jeremiah Marston
Edward Williams

In the summer of 1710, the Indians killed Col. Winthrop Hilton and others of his party; and on the 16th of August, a company of ninety-one men, of whom at least thirty were of Hampton, went in pursuit, under Capt. John Gilman, and were out five days.

Of the situation in 1712, Dr. Belknap writes: "The frontiers were well guarded; one half of the militia did duty at the garrisons and were ready to march at a minute's warning; a scout of forty men kept ranging on the heads of the towns; and the like care was taken by sea, spy-boats being employed in coasting from Cape Neddock to the Great Boar's Head."

Of this scout of forty men, eleven were of Hampton, as follows:

Daniel Bean
Joseph Brown
Samuel Clifford
Jonathan Dearborn
Henry Dow
Joseph Dow
Israel Folsom
John Garland
John Prescott
Robert Rowe
David Tilton

News of the Treaty of Utrecht, which terminated the war in Europe, was brought to this country in the autumn of 1712, and on the 29th of October the suspension of arms was sproclaimed at Portsmouth. The following summer, a treaty of peace was concluded with the Indians.

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