United States Coast Guard Station at North Beach

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The Hampton Union and The Bordertown News

[Date unknown]

Fish houses with Coast Guard station in background

"THE U.S. COAST GUARD STATION AND FISH HOUSES AT NORTH BEACH .... {Reader's are encouraged to send in their recollections of this scenic spot of Hampton where you could buy lobsters, clams and other selected delicacies from the sea. Who remembers?"}

To the Editor:

"I saw the picture of the Coast Guard Station and fish houses in your paper and recognized them right away. The one next to the Coast Guard Station was George and Harry Palmer's two brothers. The next one was Henry Palmer's and his son Charles, after that, Lester Mace, Randolph Delancy, Levi Blake. I remember them all, used to go fishing with them. Fish was 10 cents a lb.; Lobsters, a dollar a dozen. I was on the Coast Guard Station in 1920 after I got back from France in World War I."

South Natick, Massachusetts.

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