The History of the Congregational Church - Chapter 2

By Rev. John A. Ross

(Hampton: Printed for the Parish - 1902)

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The Sunday School

The Sunday School was established in August, 1818, during the pastorate of Rev. Josiah Webster. There are probably no records of the early history of the school in existence. The school of fifty years ago was much larger than the school of the present time. As then there were two preaching services a day, many stayed at noon, and so attended the Sunday School. In the records of fifteen years ago over one hundred and fifty scholars were recorded. Since the afternoon service has been discontinued the school has steadily decreased. In the beginning of the present year special efforts were made to increase the attendance, and with very good results. Among others, a Bible class of all ages, gathered from those who were not before in the Sunday School, and which is taught by Rev. B. F. Perkins. There seems to be more interest in the school at the present time than for many years past. The present number is eighty-four.

Woman's Missionary Society

The Hampton Auxiliary of the New Hampshire Branch of the Woman's Board of Foreign Missions was organized in 1871, during the pastorate of Rev. James McLean. The interest in the work of the Branch has been sustained during the thirty-one years since the formation of the society. Besides the help that more than $1600 has been to Home and Foreign Missions, there has been much good done for the home church and society through the influence of the members. Hampton Congregational Church, according to the early records, was the pioneer church in this vicinity in missionary work. During the pastorate of Rev. Ward Cotton, which began in 1731, a vote was taken by the church that a collection should be made "to promote ye preaching of ye gospel in ye Towns of Providence, South Kingston, & Westerly, within ye colony of Rhode Island." The old church has sustained its reputation for benevolence through the many years since that vote was recorded.

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