A New Church For the Beach

The Hamptons Union

Thursday, June 19, 1924

A community church for Hampton Beach will be a reality this summer, plans now being well under way for conducting an intensive campaign for one full week early in July to secure $25,000 for the erection of the Community Church which is so desired by the thousands of people who visit the beach each summer.

Rev. R. S. Barker of Hampton who, during the past few years has taken such an interest in the church welfare of the beach has been chosen as general chairman of the campaign, with the following trustees of the Community Church Association acting with him as an executive committee: Howard G. Lane, Hampton; Fred S. Pillsbury, Manchester; George H. Ashworth, Hampton Beach; William F. Thayer, Haverhill, Mass. F. E. Nason, Haverhill; A. J. Morse, Hampton; Mrs. Ethel Powers Uhlig, Mrs. Henry Ford, Mrs. Emma Young: Hampton Beach; Rev. John Cummings and Rev. Bernard Christopher, Hampton. Joseph M. Lucier, of Concord, who is passing a few weeks at the beach is assisting the committee in organizing the campaign.

Much enthusiasm is being shown by the beach people over the campaign even at this early date seems assured. "From all sides,", reports Chairman Barker, "come messages of encouragement and support and the great desire of the people who live at the beach as well as those who sojourn here in the summer to have a °Commnity Church, will be realized next summer."

A meeting of the trustees to discuss plans for the campaign was held last night at the Ashworth Hotel when plans for the new church were submitted by George W. Cunningham, architect, of Concord. The present plans for the church call for an auditorium with a balcony which will seat rising 700 and a community house for about 200, with a kitchen adjoining. The community house wi11 be used for Sunday School's for children and will be available for community gatherings at the beach.