2006 Appointment Calendar Photos

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The Community Bank & Trust Company, 117 Winnacunnet Road, Hampton, N.H.

Scenes of Historic Hampton

Compliments of Community Bank & Trust Company
Hampton, New Hampshire -- (603) 929-2100

{Photos drawn from the collection of the
Hampton Historical Society / Tuck Memorial Museum}

[Website compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer]

-- JANUARY 2006 --
The center of Hampton after a snowstorm in the mid-1930s. Buildings on right, from left to right, are: the Odd Fellows Building [burned Jan. 27, 1990], Charlies' [Kierstead] Lunch, First National Stores [FINAST], a tailor shop and a shoe store.

-- FEBRUARY 2006 --
Hampton Academy Musicians Who Went to the All New England Orchestra, 1929:
Left to right: Constance Tobey, Kirby Higgins, Robert Mace, Ellsworth Brown, Caroline Philbrook, Richard Munsey and Wilma Toppan.

-- MARCH 2006 --
The Hampton Water Company's water tower was erected in 1907 and was 90 feet high and 15 feet wide. It was taken down in 1966 and replaced by the tower on Church Street.

-- APRIL 2006 --
The U.S. Mail wagon passes in front of the Elmwood Inn on Winnacunnet Road: Household and business mail delivery uptown didn't begin until 1946. Before that time, those who wanted to send or receive mail had to go to the post office or hand their mail to a local delivery man. The Elmwood opened in the late 1890s and now goes by the name of the "Inn at Elmwood Corners." [Note the trolley rails of the Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway Company in the foreground.]

-- MAY 2006 --
From 1923-1942. Ruth and Charles H. Palmer operated Palmer's Clam Shell restaurant on Ocean Boulevard at North Beach. It is now the site of St. Magnus Condominiums.

-- JUNE 2006 --
For a fee or license, one could set up shop on Fakirs' Row, shown here in the first decade of the 20th century. This continued on a small scale until 1933 when the state took over the beachfront.

-- JULY 2006 --
The Boar's Head Hotel was built in 1825 and burned down in 1893. This photograph was taken in 1890, and in the foreground are the "50 steps" that led to the shore.

-- AUGUST 2006 --
War bonds are being sold at the Hampton Beach bandstand during World War II
By Irving Berlin -- c. 1940s
"Any bonds today?
All you give
Will be spent to live
In the Yankee way.
Scrape up the most you can
Here comes the freedom man
Asking you to buy a share of freedom today."

-- SEPTEMBER 2006 --
This is the starting team of the Hampton Academy and High School 1944-45 Class D State of New Hampshire State Champions.
Names of players, position and class year are as follows:
William Powers, right end, senior; Tad Wilson, right guard, senior; Don Palmer, right tackle, junior; Bill Dennett, left guard, junior; Richard Higgins, center, senior; William McIlveen, left tackle, freshman; Fred Russell, left end, sophomore.
Richard Chevalier, right halfback, senior; Richard Weeks, quarterback, senior; Wayne Elliot, fullback, junior; Richard Grenier, left halfback, senior; Weston Root, Coach.
[Photo identification courtesy Richard Chevalier and Wayne I Elliot, former Sports Writer, Hampton Union, 1962-64.]

-- OCTOBER 2006 --
This 1899 photo shows the 'Lindsey-Marston Barber Shop' located at 449 Lafayette Road. Joseph Pellegrino opened his barber shop at this location. It remains a barbershop today as 'Bob's Barber Shop' and previous to Bob's, it was 'Earl's Barber Shop' with Earl Newman as owner/operator

-- NOVEMBER 2006 --
The third home of Hampton Union was this building at 92 High Street. The newspaper was founded June 14, 1899 by Charles Francis Adams. [The window shown in the photo which says 'HAMPTON UNION' is now on display at the Tuck Memorial Museum, at 40 Park Avenue, Hampton.]

-- DECEMBER 2006--
In 1940, the Hampton Community Club crowned Frank Curtis and Beatrice McCarron king and queen of its winter carnival. They were later married.
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