2002 Appointment Calendar Photos

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Scenes of Historic Hampton

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{Photos courtesy William H. Teschek, Lane Memorial Library}

[Website compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer]

-- JANUARY 2002 --
Carl C. Bragg in August 1939 sits at a Hampton Union linotype machine. He became a partner with Edward S. Seavey, Jr., in the publishing company from 1945 through 1963. The Hampton Union has been published continually since June 14, 1899!

--FEBRUARY 2002 --
Miss Blanche Thompson of Haverhill, Mass., newly crowned queen of the first-ever Hampton Beach "Carnival Week" in September 1915, sits with pilot Chauncey Redding prior to taking off from the beach. The plane ride, which ascended to 1,000 feet, was a prize for winning the competition. The pilot was killed three weeks after this picture was taken.

-- MARCH 2002 --
Railroad water tower near the train station in Depot Square prior to 1900. The railroad came to Hampton in 1840 and provided passenger service until 1965. The large building at right was later moved to become Colt News Store.

-- APRIL 2002 --
The Fairview Hotel, Strand Theater and Janvrin Hotel along Ocean Boulevard between A and B Streets, 1915. The Strand was built in 1915 and operated only for a few months before it, and every other building in this photo was destroyed in the September 1915 fire.

-- MAY 2002 --
Horace and Elsie Batchelder unveil a plaque in honor of their ancestor, Rev. Stephen Bachiler, at the dedication of Founders' Park, October 14, 1925, [on Park Avenue].

-- JUNE 2002 --
Hampton Police Department, Ca. 1947
Police Chief John Malek, (center) stands with members of the Hampton Police Department in front of the beach station in the late 1940s, possibly 1947. The Hampton police station was then located on Ocean Boulevard directly across the street from the Casino complex (where the Sea Shell is today). Pictured from left to right, (front row) are Percy Annis, Ernest Sargent, Ed Towne, [unknown], Leroy Shaw, Chief John Malek, John Marston, Ben Clark, [unknown], Lester Brewster, and Clifford Eastman. Pictured from left to right, (back row), are George Sumner, Leavitt Magrath, Ernest Chick, [unknown], Donald Dunbrack, Gordon Roy, Abbott Young, [unknown], [unknown], Mason Carpenter, Larry Hill, and Selectman Harry Munsey. (Inset:) Hampton's "Singing Cop," Bill Elliot, entertained beachgoers for three decades from the 1920s to the 1950s. [The "Police Station" sign is on display at the Tuck Memorial Museum, courtesy of Lloyd "Pat" Ring, a member of the HPD.]
{Photo courtesy Atlantic News & Ben Clark;
police roster names, courtesy Ethel (Magrath) Curtis.}

-- JULY 2002 --
Hampton Beach in 1915 on a typically crowded Fourth of July. Less than three months later, Hampton's worst-ever fire destroyed most of the buildings along the right side of the photo.

-- AUGUST 2002 --
Properly dressed bathers in the surf at Hampton Beach, unknown date.

-- SEPTEMBER 2002 --
John White's Maxwell automobile decorated for the 1919 WWI Victory parade: At the wheel was Percy B. Brown, later the owner of the Casino Garage.

-- OCTOBER 2002 --
Hotel 'tallyho' coach, serving the Hotel Whittier, Cutler's Sea View and the New Boar's Head Hotel during the pre-trolley era. Such coaches were used by the hotels to carry guests on excursions throughout the countryside, and likely to ferry them to and from the train station in the center of Hampton as well.

-- NOVEMBER 2002 --
Fred Perkins' team of horses is dressed to keep off flies as they pull a load of hay, probably on the Perkins farm on Landing Road in the early 1900s. Wilfred Cunningham is standing on top of the load. In 1910 Perkins earned $256 for labor, using his team to help in the resurfacing of Lafayette Road from Hampton Falls to North Hampton.

-- DECEMBER 2002 --
On May 19, 1897, at 10:30 a.m., in front of the Hotel Whittier, Hampton Judge Charles M. Lamprey drove the first spike for the new electric railway. Schoolchildren were released from classes to witness the historic event. The final spike connecting Hampton and Exeter for the first time by rail was driven on the following August 2nd. Electric trolleys served Exeter, Hampton and the beach area for the next 29 years.

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